Coral Gables
Deva Certified
308 Miracle Mile
Coral Gables, FL 33134

User Reviews

Stylist: Cristobal

LOVED LOVED LOVED my carve and slice cut by Ouidad. Cristobal is a certified Ouidad stylist so although it was my first time going to him i trusted him. Hes new to the salon and im glad because i have a new favorite stylist :)

Reviewed on 04.16.14

Stylist: Francisco Morales

Reviewed on 01.14.14

Stylist: Francisco Morales

I used to live in Miami and was down there over Christmas Break to visit family. The only thing that I regret about no longer living in Miami is that I don't get to see Francisco until I visit again. This is my first and only visit and I've never been more satisfied. Francisco barely speaks English but please don't let that deter you. HE LOVES CURLS! All of them! He will do every type of curly and really has an appreciation for them. I've never had a better haircut, never had more compliments. He takes his time cutting it (Deva style plus his own experience and common sense) then takes his time styling it (even kneeling in front of me to apply product and shape). He is simply amazing. I am going to find an excuse in 3-6 months to go down again and see him. I don't think I can trust anyone else with my hair anymore. Everywhere I went, people commented on my perfect hair. I was delighted! By the way, he was trained by Lorraine (inventor of Deva) herself. He even has pictures with her while she was training him at the salon. That's worth a lot! The guy knows curly! 30 years experience plus Deva trained. What else can you ask for? By the way, the salon is a dump. It's in the back of a beauty supply store. It has one of the best addresses in Miami (Miracle Mile in Coral Gables) but it's not an impressive place. Who cares? He knows his stuff.

Reviewed on 01.02.13