625 Grove Street
Evanston, IL 60201

User Reviews

Stylist: Jarmen

I tried Jarmen based on her listed here, and I wasn't very impressed. She didn't have any better insight on curly hair, and solving curly hair problems any more than any other stylist I've been too. It's so frustrating trying to find someone who really takes the time to consider your individual head of curls and approach it with real know-how and inspiration. Jarmen was not it.

Reviewed on 04.07.07

Stylist: Jarmen

I went to Jarmen based on a recommendation here, and was very disappointed. The entire haircut, including styling, took about 20 minutes - and there weren't even any clients waiting. She didn't seem to be paying very close attention, and it hasn't grown out very well. I definitely thought it was too expensive given the effort she expended.

Reviewed on 10.11.06