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Stylist: Jason

Genius for wavy/curly hair.

Reviewed on 05.22.19

Stylist: Jason

I purchased a groupon for a Deva Cut after trying my first Deva Curl product in January (the Ultra Defining gel) but I still felt like I wanted to get the full experience of all the products and see what change could happen to my sad dry curls. I went to see Jason at the Dej Salon and had an amazing tutorial and cut. Every single step of the process was thoroughly explained while it was going on. Jason was great about listening to my hair issues and explaining the entire process. He had someone assisting him which was just as knowledgeable and explained all the steps. I walked away with hydrated, bouncy curls and best of all, was able to replicate the look at home a few days later! Do yourself a favor and go see Jason!

Reviewed on 05.31.16

Stylist: Jason

Jason is a curly hair expert. He will give your hair shape while still keeping its essence and length. Your hair is cut dry since curly hair "shrinks" going from wet to dry. Jason is incredibly nice as well and listens. He is supportive and positive about your hair. He assesses your hair texture and curl pattern and makes you feel comfortable in his chair. The salon itself seems multicultural between clients and stylists, which I think is a great sign.

Reviewed on 06.12.14

Stylist: Jason

Jason is, in all seriousness, the best thing that has ever happened to my hair. My hair prior meeting Jason was fine, frizzy, and visibly thin with very few good hair days. I had been to countless stylists who recommended cutting my hair super short, straightening it, and/or buying a ton of expensive products. I had almost given up on my hair ever looking good and mostly wore it up, heavily styled with clip in extensions, or under wigs. Then I saw Jason on Lifebooker. When I arrived for my appointment, this lovely man greeted me and listened to my sad, sordid hair history. He took a before shot and went to work. He started with a dry cut, maintaining the length while giving my hair some shape. I could see the difference almost immediately. Next, he washed, conditioned, and prepped my hair with Deva products. He walked me through every step and head flip...turns out that my "squish to condish" technique needed work and old t-shirts work better than microfiber towels. He showed me how to pin my hair for volume and shape, dry with a diffuser, and fluff my curls (touchable curls!!!). When I finally saw the finished product, I nearly cried. My thin, straggly frizz had been transformed into flattering, full looking, shoulder length, defined ringlets with shape and volume! It was nearly unrecognizable from the before shot and only slightly shorter. I immediately purchased the products he used (which were not expensive and he never pushed me to buy) and gave him a big hug (and tip for being awesome). The whole day, I got compliments on my hair (which NEVER happens) and felt beautiful and confident. The next day, my hair still looked fantastic and I got a follow up email from Jason. In the email, he went over how to keep my hair looking great, including video tutorials. Ladies (and gents), Jason is the real deal. He has worked miracles for me and I can't imagine trusting my hair with anyone else.

Reviewed on 06.06.14

Stylist: Jason

Jason is fantastic! I have super curly hair and this was the best haircut I have ever gotten. He is incredibly knowledgeable, friendly, and really cares about making sure you're happy with your cut. I appreciated him showing me how to correctly care and style my curls. He also emailed all of the tips he showed me that day which was super helpful and definitely going above and beyond any other stylist I've been to. I highly recommend him and I will definitely be back!

Reviewed on 04.07.14


I bought a deal through Lifebooker to see Jason at Dej, and I am so happy I did because I've finally found my go-to LA hairdresser! As a woman with thick curly hair very prone to triangle head, it's very, very difficult to find someone who cuts your hair the way you like it - curly hair requires special techniques, and if your stylist isn't asking questions and really listening to your feedback, it's 100% guaranteed you're going to have a mediocre 'do you'll have to hide with bobby pins and updos for the next few months. Jason was a dream. He periodically asked me what I wanted through the cutting process, and even better, introduced me to methods for haircare I had never heard of that are really easy and effective (takes me about 15 minutes to get ready in the morning now, for reference). It's been almost a week and my hair still looks like it did after leaving the salon!! He's just the sweetest, too - I gave him my contact info and a few days later he sent me a detailed email on how to style my hair in case I forget anything. Seriously, stop paying crazy LA haircut prices for mediocre cuts. Go to Jason if you're curly, he will take GREAT care of you.

Reviewed on 04.03.14

Stylist: Jason

Jason truly is a DevaCurl master. He knows his stuff and is ready and willing to share his knowledge. I went in for a wash/blow dry/consultation and Jason asked if I'd prefer instead of the blowdry (which anyone can do) if I'd like for him to show me how to style it curly. It was a good suggestion and I'm glad I took him up on it. He took the time to dry my hair with paper towels since t-shirts we're not available and towels are a big no-no for curls. I'm sure it looked odd to all the observers, but the end results were fabulous! I'm planning to schedule a cut as well as a color with Jason in the next few weeks and look forward to seeing what else is in store! I'll be sure to report back after my next visit!

Reviewed on 03.25.14

Stylist: Jason

I went to get a curly haircut from Jason, and I must say, it was an absolutely fantastic experience! I have never me someone who was so meticulous with each and every curl! He asked all the right questions and then gave me my first dry cut. He explained to me every step of the process and all the tips and tricks. Jason is a true master with curly hair and I very highly recommend him to anyone struggling with their curls.

Reviewed on 01.26.14

Stylist: Jason

Hard to believe but for most of us curly-haired women a great haircut is extremely hard to get! I finally think I got a great haircut that was tailored for my hair! Jason has experience with curly hair so he gave me a much needed dry cut! He spent time explaining the deva curl method and I walked out with bounchy healthy-looking curls. I am looking forward to a great color treatment that he suggested! Thanks Jason!

Reviewed on 09.14.13

Stylist: Jason

Jason was amazing. Very knowledgeable about curly natural hair and my cut is amazing! He gave me tips on how to's and even sent me an email detailing how to care for my hair since I won;t need another cut for 4 months. I'll def be going back to Jason. I didn't realize how much the cut makes self styling so easy. But if it's a great cut, you don't' need to do much. Jason is awesome. But let's keep that on the low low.....

Reviewed on 08.13.13

Stylist: Jason

Jason was great! I love my cut and style. He took his time and didn't seem like he was in a rush. He was super sweet as well! I rarely go back to the same stylist, but I definitely will go back to Jason.

Reviewed on 07.19.13

Stylist: Jason

I can really condense this review down to one word: SUPERLATIVE. That's what my experience was with Jason yesterday, and that's what his service and commitment to his clients is. This was my first dry cut, and not only do I love the concept of a dry cut for curly hair, but I loved that I could really see what he was actually doing as he was cutting; with a wet cut on curly hair you never really know what the end result will be. Jason took plenty of time with me going through each product that he recommended for the type of curl I'm trying to achieve (not "my type of hair" - there's a distinct difference), showing me exactly how to apply the products, and disabusing me of some old notions I'd had about management and styling. (The greatest trick EVER that he showed me has to do with little clips and weight...that's all I'm gonna say.) I can be the easiest client ever, because I understand that I come to a professional for their expertise, skill and artistry; I can also be a real pain in the ass because pretty much no matter what I choose for my hair, I end up thinking it's the wrong thing. Jason has such confidence (and rightly so) in what he does and what he knows that he was able to let me know the limitations of what he could do for me, i.e. he couldn't give me long, thick, wavy, un-curly, beachy hair and he wouldn't pretend that he could. That was the best thing about the experience: the result of all the time he took asking questions about what kind of curl I like, how I dry my hair, what my goal is, and of course the cut and styling and education, gave me hair that looks right, feels right and has the perfect curl. I love it. Like I said, SUPERLATIVE. Thanks Jason! See you next week for color!

Reviewed on 05.29.13

Stylist: Jason

I can not rave about Jason enough! He is absolutely incredible! He truly gave me the best haircut/color of my life. I have always been deathly scared to get a hair cut because it is so hard to find someone who you can trust. I am SO thankful I found Jason because he doesn't only know what he is doing, he is the BEST at it! He is impressibly knowledgeable about the curly-hair-world and has a rare passion for it which is evident in his work. It is an art to him and he has a very specific eye to see what is going to look good. The second he asked me about my hair and truly cared about what I was looking for, I felt so relaxed. He spent time with me and explained everything he was doing and also explained the best way to maintain and recreate the style. He is a such a wonderful and kind person as well. I had a blast chatting with him. He honestly is the best and I can't say enough. I will not go to any stylist again. Go to Jason. He will change your life.

Reviewed on 05.11.13

Stylist: Jason

Jason was great! I purchased a discounted deal for his haircut online and was not disappointed! I live in San Diego and there's only one stylist that knows the deva-curl cutting method down here but she's really expensive. My family's from the valley so I was happy to find this deal for when I went home! Jason took a lot of care and analysis of the curls when cutting. The longest part of my hair reached mid back, but I had shorter front layers that were shoulder length. Apart from telling Jason that I didn't want to go too short, I let him do his thing as I figured he's the expert. As he was cutting, I was getting nervous that he was taking a lot off and that it might be too short, but it wasn't! He gave me great layers at the back that really helped to remove some weight off the hair and give me a more balanced look. He also gave me some really cute layers at the front to help create that "big sexy hair" look. I'm very low maintenance when it comes to my hair, and these layers have not been difficult to maintain since he cut them. I've gotten tons of complements on my hair since he cut it. Definitely a good haircut!! Also appreciated the email he sent out after the cut with tips and advice on how to re-create the look. Thanks Jason! :)

Reviewed on 04.30.13

Stylist: Jason

OMG! Jason is wonderful! I came into the salon with waist length hair that I was totally sick of and wearing in a ponytail or a bun every day. It was lifeless and a pain in the booty to manage. I told Jason to just cut it off so I wouldn't have to mess with it anymore - it's frizzy and dry and shapeless and just ugh. I was so over it. Jason told me he thought he could make it easy to manage and able to be worn either curly or straight - without giving me a buzz cut. And he did it! He cut it, but it's still far past my shoulders, and it is springy and full and shiny and sexy and gorgeous! I couldn't believe it! I kept looking at it in the mirror in wonder. I could not believe this fabulous stuff was attached to my head. I couldn't be more thrilled. Not only did Jason cut and style my hair beautifully - better than it has ever been cut and styled before, no exaggeration - but he showed me how to do it myself. I can't imagine I'll have the same magic touch that he does, but that is the fault of the student, not the teacher. He was so generous and helpful in his explanations. Besides all that, he's a nice person. We talked and laughed the whole time, and I really enjoyed our conversation. He's fun and charming, and he does great hair at the same time. Yay! Jason told me I only need to get my hair cut about 2x a year, but he's so great I'm sure I'll be back in for a style well before 6 months from now, despite the fact that I live 30 miles away. So worth the drive. SO worth it. Check out Jason at Dej Salon soon, before word gets out. He's only been in LA a short while, and when everybody finds out about him, he's going to be so busy you'll never get in to see him. MAKE AN APPOINTMENT NOW! He's too terrific for words. ~ Denise

Reviewed on 03.24.13