Runway Styles

1811 Orchard Place
Anchorage, AK

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Stylist: Sharin

Just left Runway Styles and holy WOW Sharin and her ****istant Mykala are AMAZING!! Literally the best haircut I have had in my entire life. My hair is very curly and I’ve had many a disaster cut. Not only did Sharin do a spectacular job cutting it, she also told me exactly what she was doing and what I should change in my hair care routine to get the soft, bouncy curls I’ve always wanted. I am beyond impressed and will 100% be getting my hair cuts and advice from Sharin from now on. Thank you!!

Reviewed on 12.30.17

Stylist: Sharin

extremely knowledgable about curly hair and deva cut and products.....after living with my curly hair Sharin was able to teach me new and wonderful things...she is definitely worth the time and effort of going....everyone at runway styles is great and they are like family.I might have to make special trips to anchorage just for my hair...

Reviewed on 04.08.16

Stylist: Sharin

There are not enough positive words to describe my experience with Sharin and her assistant Sarah.  The salon is located in Sharin's home but she has transformed the space into a full-on working space, complete with product shelving and wash basin and blow dryer.  My first session with Sharin was more of a "let's get to know you and your curls, as well as discuss what products and styling techniques you currently use."  After learning that I had the right intentions of going poo-free my execution was lacking.  Having implemented Sharin's advice for three weeks now my curls are thriving. Today was my second visit for an actual cut (now that my curls are behaving as they should) and she did a marvelous job.  I wanted an angled bob with layering and she delivered!  Never, never have I been able to leave a salon with my hair styled... it was always a frizzy mess from having been freshly washed and cut wet.  To see the cut begin to take shape in front of my eyes was thrilling.  I have found a stylist for life in Sharin!!!

Reviewed on 04.14.15

Stylist: Anonymous

Sharin took the time to teach me about my hair, and, by following her guidance to the letter, I am seeing my hair become healthier and my curls become more defined. After a lifetime of mistreating my hair, I expect to be in recovery for some time, but I have full confidence in Sharin's ability to get me there. Sharin is

Reviewed on 09.02.13

Stylist: Sharin

Sharin now has her own place! But she gives just as great a cut as she did when she was at Salon Ivy. Go visit her- you will be thrilled with the way your curls look!

Reviewed on 03.23.13

Stylist: Sharin

Sharin is a great stylist for those with curly locks. I have lived in many large cities and have had deva cuts from other top stylists. So I know what I am looking for in a curly deva cut. We are lucky to have her in Anchorage. For those new to deva cuts, she does a great job explaining the process and gives excellent stying tips. She is honest and has told me when what I asked for was unrealistic. When she is done, she gets so excited about the masterpiece she has created. She approaches hairstyling like an artist. I highly recommend her!

Reviewed on 01.31.13