Lorraine's House of Styles

Certified Redken HAir Salon
160 1St Street
Hoboken, NJ 07030

User Reviews

Stylist: Mima

I was desperately seeking a new stylist. I checked several out that were recommended on this site but unfortunately most were already booked or moved on to other salons. I happened to find Lorraine's while I was browsing the net. I read the reviews and gave them a shot. I was pleased to find a gem in the vast and overpriced world of salons in Hoboken. Mima saw my wreck of a head and didn't even cringe. She worked my 3c curls into a fierce blowout and cut gorgeous layers into them. I usually don't care for blowouts but she did me in 40 minutes flat! That is a world's record. She didn't pile up the product and my hair is sooooo soft! The price is unbelievable in a world were most salons have turned me away or have charged obscene rates. The salon is small but full of life and although I would like to keep it my secret, I feel your pain, so check Lorraine's out. I highly recommend it!

Reviewed on 12.16.07