145 Sayton Rd # B
Fox Lake, IL 60020

User Reviews

Stylist: Lisa

I hadn't been able to find a stylist who could cut my hair correctly in years. My defined curls turned into wavy frizz. That's when I found this website and that's how I found Lisa from Rav salon, and that is how I found my curls again! The advice to find a stylist who also has naturally curly hair, as Lisa does, is 100% good advice. She is very sweet and knows what she is doing, I love my hair again. The second time I went to her I had her color my hair as well. They now only use a certain dye, free from the harmful cancer causing chemicals, and it turned out beautiful and shiny. I highly suggest Lisa. They have moved the salon to... 145 Sayton Rd # B Fox Lake, IL 60020 The phone number is the same as above. Give her a call!

Reviewed on 05.14.09

Stylist: Lisa

I have been looking for a beautician who could cut my curly/wavy hair for MANY years and have been struggling to find the right one. I had been going to someone during the last year who did ok but wouldn't listen to what I wanted and cut my hair to what she wanted. After a year I decided I've had enough. Therefore, I made a list of Salons/beauticians in my area that were listed in the "Curl Salons" section of your website and found one on my very first visit. She is wonderful and listens to what I want. Although I only went to her once, she cut my hair so that I can already see it is shaped into what I want in the long run. What a difference it makes to go to someone who cuts my hair well and also listens to what I want. THANK YOU LISA!

Reviewed on 03.05.08

Stylist: Lisa

I went in today to check out the salon and hopefully consult with Lisa the owner whom was suggested on this site. I was extremely happy and impressed with Beverly the lady who arched my eyebrows. Further, I waited around to speak with Lisa until she was done with her current client to explain to her what I was looking for in a hair cut. And I gotta tell you I was throroughly impressed with the time she took with me explaining what my hair needs as well as her honesty in informing me I should wait 6 weeks before she could cut my hair because the results would be a very short bowl cut which she knew I wouldn't want. I can't tell you how gracious her staff was to me, I can hardly wait until I go back for my hair cut with her. I will respond back at that time as to how the cut turned out. Since, Lisa is a curly head herself I she really seems to be knowledgeable about curly hair I can't imagine anything but good to come from it.

Reviewed on 07.26.07

Stylist: Lisa

I have very thick, tight curled hair and have had a hard time finding someone I trust with my locks. Well Now I found her. Her Name is Lisa(a natural curly head girl herself)is the owner of the salon. She is very professional and great at cutting natural curls. I just happened to find her and it seems like she already has a consitant group of curlyhead clients. Easy to get an appointment, not pricey, nice environment. Also, there is an excellent eyebrow artist there as well(blond woman... sorry forgot her name) I would highly reccommend Lisa and her salon. I personally have tried least 4 of the other stylists noted on this site and was not this happy

Reviewed on 07.02.06