Devachan Salon

Culver City
9355 Culver Blvd.
Culver City, CA 90232

User Reviews

Stylist: Cindy, Sofia. Sergio and Jason

Sergio cut my hair. After reading the Yelp reviews, I was fairly nervous. But I figured that I would take one for the CG team - because how lucky are we to have a Devachan Salon on the West Coast?! I would like to assure anyone, who goes to the salon, and does get an appointment with Sergio, that you and your curls will be fine. Sergio is currently a Jr Stylist. He told me that he trains in NYC, was there during the month of January 2013 (his second month-long stint of training), and also goes back to to NYC for training one week a month. I have experienced three different Deva-trained stylists before Sergio and only one stylist is better than him (Vickie Vela of Curls on Top in Laguna Beach), and she has had a lifetime of cutting hair, plus has curly hair herself. I have 2C, almost BSL hair. My hair had gotten very long all over and really needed to be cleaned up. He layered my hair really well (using the grouping technique: pulling up 3-5 clumps and cutting those at the layering angle), cut some of the curls one by one, and kept my length. He also checked and clipped some curls from a standing with my head hanging down position. My friend got her hair cut at the same time with Cindy and was VERY pleased with her haircut as well. The salon itself is beautiful - lots of open space with red brick walls (very NYC inspired), and modern Deva white and green coloring accents throughout. The "bed" that they put you on to cleanse and condition your hair is very comfortable. The woman who cowashed my hair gave me a great neck massage, applied conditioner and scrunched in gel, and set my hair perfectly - I had gorgeous clumps. There is a large parking garage about one block away. And two great restaurants on the way to the salon: Kay and Dave's and Native Foods Cafe. I made a day of it and would definitely go back. He said to return in 6-7 months, but the margarita that I had at Kay and Dave's was so good, I might have to go back sooner.

Reviewed on 03.11.13