Gordon Salon

653 Central Avenue
Highland Park, IL 60035

User Reviews

Stylist: Abby

I started going to Abby a couple years ago based on reviews here. At first, she was pretty good. But it went downhill quickly. She always seemed pre-occupied, too busy, etc. I never felt she was giving me what I was paying for, and my hair showed it. My hair became flatter and flatter, and I NOW HAVE NO CURL LEFT! Maybe I will try Berit, but I would definitely recommend NOT going to Abby

Reviewed on 08.11.09

Stylist: Pam

I have been going to this Salon and Spa for more than 6 years. I have had many of their stylist cut my hair and I will have to say that this salon really gets how to deal with curly hair. I have had Pam cut, color, blow dry it straight, diffuse it curly, and recently mildly relax my hair on many different occassions. Let me tell you I have not had a bad hair day in a long while! She is one of the owners and has a limited schedule but once you get into her chair you will love it. She will refer you to other stylists within the salon that really know how to deal with what ever your curly issue are. I have seen both Berit and Abby as well as Carrie and Jake. They are all so nice you get a wonderful scalp message before every haircut, and a hand massage while being blown out, and they are all more than happy to put on a little makeup so when you walk out of their door you feel beautiful! I love this place...and their Spa is something not to miss...

Reviewed on 09.18.08

Stylist: Berit

I first went for a consultation and loved her immediately! Berit knew exactly what I wanted, and is taking baby steps to get what I want. She is a fellow curly herself and knows the Curly Girl book-which is great! The products she used were great also. She definately knows what she is doing and talking about :) Thanks to the gal who posted about her. Also, she put a little makeup on me afterward, felt like a million bucks afterward!

Reviewed on 09.19.07

Stylist: Berit

Berit is great! She is a fellow curly girl, and she has held my hand as I have transitioned from a blown-out girl to a Curly Girl! She has a technique for drying hair--you lay down in the styling chair and hang your head over the edge while she diffuses it. It looks great and has such bounce! She also is great at cutting curly hair, even though she cuts it wet. I would recommend her to anyone!

Reviewed on 03.07.07

Stylist: Abby

I have only been there to her twice but Abby is actually capable of shaping curly hair out of the triangle into a really nice look. No one else has been able to do this for me. Although she is a curly who blows out, I would definitely give her a try. They give you a scalp massage too which is very nice. It is an Aveda salon but she didn't push the products on me after I said I wasn't interested. www.gordonsalon.com

Reviewed on 02.03.07