Glamdoll Studio

Mizani Avlon KeraCare Aquage Goldwell De Lorenzo Sebastian Desig
2306 Highland Ave.
National City, CA 91950

User Reviews

Stylist: Peaches

This salon is beautiful! From the stencil patterns on the walls to the portrait of Marilyn Monroe, not to mention the wine bar ;) It's décor is overall feminine and the furniture is very urbane. Now down to the haircut and styling! Let me begin by saying that I loved the end result, it was exactly what I wanted, however I cannot give it a full five for a rating because I felt my stylist took too long. It took three hours for her to completely cut and style my hair since she had another customer, and I feel it was extremely pricey, and I feel like my hair isn't growing as fast since I cut it there. Overall I don't regret going because it was a good hair cut and I got the big fluffy curls style I wanted, but I can't say personally I have the time or money to go back.

Reviewed on 09.03.13