Shear Elegance Spa

2750 Dundee Road
Northbrook, IL 60062

User Reviews

Stylist: Amedeo

"I have been going to Amedeo for more than 10 years and he is nothing short of fantastic. He is a consummate professional with an easygoing, welcoming disposition. I appreciate a stylist who doesn't let you try to do something with your hair that is unnatural, unmanageable and unflattering, just to keep the business. Amedeo has taught me to love my curly hair and has shown me how to wear it so that it flatters my face. The key is using the right products and a great cut that's easy for me to style on my own, which is very important because in the morning I need to blow and style it quickly to catch the train for work. If you have been frustrated in your search to find a stylist who knows how to cut and style curly hair, look no further!

Reviewed on 01.09.08

Stylist: Amedeo

Amedeo works wonders on my naturally curly/permed hair! I have been going to him for 9 years now and will travel any distance to have him cut my medium length hair. He makes my curls shine and he is a truly gifted artist for curly hair!

Reviewed on 11.26.07

Stylist: Amedeo

I have gone to Amedeo for about 15 years, following him through many different salons. He has helped me grow out my curly hair without weighing it down. More recently, he gave me an awesome medium-length cut that just bounces--who knew my curls could look so good! My entire curly-headed family goes to him and we have never been happier. I have recently moved out of state, but will be flying back for haircuts.

Reviewed on 10.29.07