Bari Salon

Deva curl
278 Haywood Road
Asheville, NC 28803

User Reviews

Stylist: Miriam Mcnamara

Just got my first Deva cut, and I love it and Miriam. So glad to have found her!

Reviewed on 03.13.14

Stylist: Miriam Mcnamara

Love this salon, and love Miriam! She's the best stylist with curly hair I've ever had! I will definitely be going to see her again and again.

Reviewed on 01.06.14

Stylist: Miriam Mcnamara

This is my first Deva style, and I'm really excited to rate Miriam McNamara. I found reviews for her on this site, but they had her at Wink Salon. She's no longer there, so I had to do a little searching (thank you, Google). I found her, and she is fantastic! She did a great cut, and showed me how to take care of my new style with all the Deva products. She patiently answered all my questions, and made me feel (and look) great! I'll definitely go back to see her, and will recommend her to all the curly girls I meet.

Reviewed on 01.05.14

Stylist: Miriam McNamara

Hi there, this is Miriam McNamara, a Deva-Inspired Stylist and DevaCurl Educator. I was previously at Wink Salon in Asheville, NC, but I'm now at Bari Salon in West Asheville, NC. I just wanted to post an update about my location, since I've had many curly girls saying they had trouble trying to track me down after visiting this website! If you would like to schedule an appointment with me, please call (828) 423-2307 or visit

Reviewed on 12.31.13