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Stylist: dena

I must say I was very disappointed, 1st of I told the girl who made my appt that I wanted to see dena because I have curly hair and dena said she wouldn't have time to dry my hair because I should have told the girl I needed an hour. Shouldn't the staff know that! I told dena that I haven't used heat on my hair in a long time, that I don't wear it straight anymore because I'm trying to give my hair a much needed break. She didn't cut my hair dry and she wanted to blow dry it straight! I think they are over priced and I didn't feel that she listened to what I wanted. I won't be going back.

Reviewed on 04.12.12

Stylist: dena

I hate to rain on everyone's parade, but I didn't have a great experience as I'd hoped based on the reviews I read here. I went to Dena who was very nice and friendly, but in all honesty, I wasn't impressed with what she did. I took in a photo of how I wanted my hair, and she barely glanced at it. She gave me a basic cut, which ended up being on even (longer on the left side). When she finished the cut, she asked if she could defuse my hair. I allowed her to because I wanted to learn how to style my curly hair without it requiring it's own zip code. During the coarse of my time with her, I explained to her how unruly my hair is. It's very thick and can be very hard to manage. Well, when she defused my hair, it became HUGE!!!! It was everything I told her I didn't like about my hair! I also wear my bangs straight. When I told her this, her response was, "I don't like straight bangs." Ummm, it's not what *YOU* like, it's my hair and what *I* like/want/am paying you to do. Well, she never did what I asked as far as my bangs go. Secondly, after she defused my hair, it was a frizzy mess!! I could make a frizzy mess out of my hair on my own for free! When I showed her the frizz, her response was, "It looks frizzy to you?" She then just sprayed some water on it, which as we all know, doesn't solve the problem. She also put some sort of crap in my hair that left it feeling so greasy and filthy. I literally broke a comb trying to get that s#!t out of my hair! I ended up having to wash my hair twice to get that crap out. Sorry, but I won't be going back.

Reviewed on 03.09.12

Stylist: Dena

I have been a client of Dena's for almost two years and she is a true talent with curly hair. Two years ago my hair was short and cropped I now have a chin length bob. Along with givin me an excellent hair style Dena has done a few Keratin treatments on my hair. This has made all the difference. I have type 4 hair and it is staying smooth even during a humid and rainy summer.

Reviewed on 06.27.10

Stylist: Dena

After about five sessions with Dena, I would say it is worth it to develop a relationship with her. She has cut my difficult, unruly hair better each time; the most recent cut was terrific. Also to her credit, Dena takes a conservative approach to cutting, especially at first, not taking off too much at a time as she has gotten to know my hair. I also like that she works quickly and is reasonably priced. After casting about for years for a good local hair cutter, finding Anthony Lullo's salon has been a delight, though I still miss Nichole, an excellent dry-hair cutter (Nichole, where are you?).

Reviewed on 11.12.08

Stylist: Dena

Dena is an excellent, experienced hair stylist, especially with curly hair that is hard to manage. Dena, herself, has black curly hair that always look good and fresh. My hair is very frizzy and curly. I cannot get it to look good at all. I go to Dena every week and she makes my hair look outstanding. I always have people ask me who does my hair. I highly recommend that people try Dena if they want their curly hair to look beautiful, natural and great all the time. Dena is very professional and nice and will do a great job with curly, hard to manage, frizzy hair.

Reviewed on 01.08.08

Stylist: Dena

I second the good review of Dena. I just moved into the area, and I'm sure you all know the anxiety that goes with finding a new stylist. Luckily, I read the previous review! Dena did cut my hair wet, and I am used to dry cuts, but my curls sit very nicely when I air dry and my hair looked fantastic when she diffused it for me. Also there was no question when I said that I don't use shampoo. I wouldn't say the salon is adorable (and the chairs up front are really not comfortable :) ) but it is nice. I'll be back!

Reviewed on 11.21.07

Stylist: Dena

I read the reviews and decided to visit Anthony Lullo's and have my hair cut by Dena today. She is absolutely FANTASTIC with curly hair. She gave me the perfect cut and even showed me how to style it. My curls are soft and bouncy and I am thrilled. I'd recommend her to anyone, especially if you have natural curls!

Reviewed on 11.17.07

Stylist: dena

In this day and age when everybody seems to want straight hair. I stumbled on someone fabulous. Dena is a wonderful and amazing i walked in this adorable lil oak park salon and was amazed of how she transformed my lifeless curly hair into bouncy shiny and healthier looking. I am just amazed because i never liked my curls but what dena did to my hair i loved it and have been wearing my curls ever since i would recommend dena to anyone who has curly hair try her you'll be amazed.

Reviewed on 08.13.07