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Montreal, QC H4C 1P4

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Stylist: Gilles

I had an appointment at @inhairitance at noon last Saturday for colour (single process, just to cover grey), a protein treatment and a cut, and the whole appointment was an unmitigated disaster. All I wanted was an allover neutral brown, nothing complicated. The process took over 2 hours, which is really a lot of time for a simple one-step colour. Then upon rinsing out the dye, it was noted that my hair had turned out darker than expected/wanted. So another lengthy process was undertaken to lighten the colour a bit. By that time, I had pointed out that I needed to be out of the salon by 4. That is when I found out that my cut had been scheduled for 5, meaning that if the colour had turned out correctly the first time, even adding the time for the protein treatment, I would have been ready for the cut a full 2 hours before it was scheduled. That was ridiculous. Scheduling problems aside, the worst part was the outcome of the second process, to lift out some of the colour. The roots turned out light red, with the rest of the hair a darker shade of red. Long story short: I had to cancel the cut (no time for that) AND to walk out with my hair dripping wet, looking like a fright. The entire experience cost me over $125. Perhaps the colorist is unaccustomed to dealing with Caucasian hair, but if so, I should have been discou****d from making an appointment at all. In addition, the ****rt I was wearing was stained with dye slipping down my back due to a faulty rinsing technique at the sink--both my face and back were doused. The ****rt is ruined. I wrote (twice) to the salon to explain the problem nicely and request a full refund, but I did not even get the courtesy of a reply. Needless to say, I will not return. Please be****e, if you do not have “black” hair. Also, do not expect to get any response in case of dissatisfaction.

Reviewed on 10.25.19


I've been there twice and have pretty good cuts both times. The salon is really cute and welcoming. The first stylist I had was really informative. The second time there was a bit of a language barrier but we muddled through alright. I started using the Jessicurl Too Shea conditioner after being introduced to it here. 

Reviewed on 01.06.17


I've never had a two hour hair cut. I guess there's a first time for everything. However I left with a good haircut and happy about my stylist. But I should mention the woman at the front desk was rude and Rolling her eyes when I was explaining my hair products that are natural and sulfate free. I've never experienced that level of rudeness from someone working at a desk. But I guess I'm not leaving her a tip.. The overall haircut was great and I would recommend it hopefully you're experience is better than mine

Reviewed on 06.28.14


Overall a great experience, from the free consultation to my actual appointment. Extremely informative about, my texture, my type, my protein needs and the correct type of protein, everything! The only down side for me is the price of products, I found their prices a bit steep.

Reviewed on 02.28.14


Wow,great service they took the time to explain how to take care of my hair, from protein, moisture balance but also what state my hair was in now. I got a natural hair cut that fits my face and not only do they only do natural hair and have natural products but they are natural themselves.

Reviewed on 06.28.13