B & J Grand Salon & Spa

3055 Professional Drive
Springfield, IL 62703

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Stylist: Lori

Ok first let me say that I hardly ever go to a salon to get my hair cut or colored. I usually just trim it up at home and use box colors! But this time I really wanted to get it done by a professional because I wanted layers and yadda yadda... ANYWAY, I went to this salon because it has a really good reputation and is pretty elegant. There was a new Stylist named Lori who was called "New Talent" and because of this all her services were half price. So I booked an appointment with her and was very nervous. I was scared that I would, yet again, get another "stylist" who knew nothing of how to handle curly hair! Boy was I wrong! First of all, the salon is gorgeous. Everyone is very eager to help and smiling! I met Lori and we got down to it. It was great because SHE has curly hair too! But it wasnt until I heard her say "I think we should cut your hair while its dry" that made me fall inlove with her as a stylist and the salon itself. I had SUCH a great experience there! She knew exactly how to handle my hair and didnt treat it like frizzy straight hair! I definately recommend her or just B&J in general because it was really a fantastic experience for me. They went above and beyond what I would have hoped to experience at a salon! Lori and B&J have totally restored my faith in salons!

Reviewed on 08.01.06