Dear Clark

3317 McKinney Ave #101
Dallas, TX 75204
(214) 397-0700

User Reviews

Stylist: Holly Dear

The first DevaCut I ever had was at DearClark back in February. I have type 2c/3a curls, and I had an amazing experience. Holly cut my hair and she did a wonderful job. I had about 3 inches taken off. Last week, I got another DevaCut from Holly and again, she did a very nice job. The only complaint I have is that I asked for around 2-3 inches off this time, but instead she took around 4-5. But, my shorter hair is super cute. Holly is nice and she puts a lot of focus when she's cutting your hair. Her assistants who do the styling are very, very nice and do an amazing job. The last two trips to DearClark took about 2 and a half hours total, the cutting, styling, and drying all included. I would definitely recommend Holly at DearClark for a DevaCut to any of my curly haired friends!

Reviewed on 06.26.17