Symmetry Salon Studios

4908 Hampden Lane
Bethesda, MD 20814

User Reviews

Stylist: Jackie Pfeffer

I've been going to Jackie at Symmetry Salon for 7 years. I've gone from long to short hair, bangs and no bangs and she has been giving me greats cuts all the way. She had great technical hair cutting s****s and is really knowledgeable about how to keep it healthy. I highly recommend her!!

Reviewed on 11.16.17

Stylist: Jackie Pfeffer

Jackie is amazing! She takes her time with and listens to her clients, and is incredibly talented and passionate. She has given me several different haircuts over about 7 years, ranging from long layers to an inverted bob to a long pixie and it always looks great. I finally decided to write a review because of the amazing asymmetrical long curly pixie cut she gave me yesterday. I've never had hair much above my chin so this was a huge change for me but I LOVE IT! She styled me curly and straight, teaching me different tricks and showing me which products to use for which looks. She didn't stop cutting and playing with it until it looked perfect. She did a great job on my color as well.  If you have curly hair and you want it to look good, Jackie is your woman!

Reviewed on 03.02.17

Stylist: Jackie Pfeffer

I've been having Jackie cut my fine, curly hair for about three years, and I love her. She used to be at Lux Studios but moved to a great new space at Symmetry in July 2013. She listens and makes sure she understands exactly what you want. She also has great styling tips--she taught me to use duckbill clips when drying naturally for extra volume along the hairline or part. Her cut gives a great shape to my natural curls--all I have to do is scrunch and let them air dry, which I love! Definitely give her a try.

Reviewed on 08.25.13

Stylist: Jackie Pfeffer

I think I am in love! I have naturally curly hair and anyone who does, knows it's quite scary to try a new stylist. I found Jackie by googling curly hair in the area I live. A TON of positive reviews came up for Jackie, so I decided to give her a try. I am so glad I did. Jackie not only does great color and cut but she talks to you like you have known her for years! I wanted to stay and hang out with her after my appointment! I might also add, I NEVER let anyone style my hair because they never do it right and I end up leaving the salon with soaking, wet hair and going home to rewash and style myself. Jackie did an amazing job and I will be rocking this style all day and loving it! Thank you Jackie!!!

Reviewed on 08.07.13

Stylist: Jackie Pfeffer

My hair is naturally curly and I used to say that it is really thick but after talking to Jackie she told me that the strands are medium thickness but it is really dense (meaning I have a ton of hair but the strands aren’t overly thick individually). I’ve always wanted to cut my hair short into a bob style but I was afraid that I would look like a mushroom. The shortest I ever dared to cut my hair was to my shoulders. I met with Jackie and we discussed what I had in mind, a curly bob that didn’t look like a mushroom. I gave her pictures of celebrities that had the style I was looking for and we discussed what would be possible with my type of hair. After thinking it over I put my faith in her capable hands. She cut off about a foot of hair. I’m so glad I trusted her! My hair looks amazing! She had to thin out a good amount of my hair so that I wouldn’t look like a mushroom but my curls look amazing! I’ve never felt so pretty!

Reviewed on 07.26.13