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User Reviews

Stylist: Eddie

Okay, I'll start out by saying that Eddie does not do Deva or Ouidad or anything like that. In fact, I'm pretty sure he doesn't have any extra "curly" training, but he still cuts my hair better (and cheaper) than anyone else I've ever seen. The thing that makes Eddie so great is that he LISTENS to what you want. If I ask him not to shampoo my hair or not to use product, he's totally fine with it. If I explain to him exactly how I want my layers and exactly how much I wanted taken off (accounting for shrinkage), it always comes out perfectly. I'm also fairly certain he's the bangs-whisperer, because I can bring in pictures of any celebrity bangs I like and he doesn't just copy them, but adjusts them to work with my face, my hair, my glasses to look AMAZING every time. For example, I told him I wanted zooey-deschanel bangs and instead of just trying to copy hers, he left mine a bit longer and made them every so slightly uneven so that I could sweep them back to the side if I didn't like them or when they got a bit longer. That's the level of attention he puts into everything he does. So if you don't want to pay for a devacut, you've read the thread about how to talk to your stylist, but you're worried you won't find someone who will listen to you, then Eddie is your man.

Reviewed on 07.31.13