squaRe salon suite by Richie Roman

7255 Carson Boulevard
suite 119
long beach, CA ca 90808
562 335 9018

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Stylist: Richie Roman

this is Richie Roman responding to Jbe830's post from 09/17/2013 Hi Andrea (Jbe830) I received your text message cancellation of your appointment and was extremely disappointed. I received a horrible review from you and never even got the opportunity to meet you in person to show you that all of my positive reviews were accurate and earned. It is unfortunate that after we got off on the wrong start with the phone miscommunicatioin, and scheduled your appointment, that scent of new construction in my salon was too much for your liking. I hope you find a new home for those curls that you love and can make your permanent home.

Reviewed on 09.25.13


I have tried for six days to get Richie to call me to make an appointment. His voicemail says to text, so I did. He texted back and said he'd call, but he didn't, he asked if he could call the next morning I texted yes...no call. I texted twice more, and I am DONE with that nonsense. Good for him if he is so swamped with clients he can blow one off, but that's just RUDE. My hair is a mess, and I had read great reviews of him, that said he really gave a great styling, but...

Reviewed on 09.17.13