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Stylist: Lauren Kay

Lauren Kay is the best hair stylist I have ever seen in my whole 25yrs of being a curly head. This is the first time I have got a deva cut and I felt so comfortable with her. She made me feel at ease even though I was so nervous about getting my hair cut since I have had so many stylist mess it up. The salon was nice with very nice staff, but Lauren Kay really made my day. I feel like I actually have someone to lean on when it comes to my curly hair now. She was so informative on what products to use and when. Where has she been all my life. If you want someone to cut or style your curly hair Lauren Kay is the master! Thanks again for making my hair even more beautiful Lauren you rock!

Reviewed on 10.23.14

Stylist: Lauren Kay

After years of hearing my daughter (16 yrs old) complain about her extreme curls (3B) and the lack of style/control she had over her hair, I was finally about to give into the request of a straightener.  I read all of the reviews on the different straighteners and decided the only option was a zero chemical straightener.  During my search for options of salons I ran across the site and found, what I believed to be, a better option and my last attempt at keeping my teenage daughter happy and with healthy hair.  Lauren's reviews were outstanding and I wanted to try and give a new style a shot with her prior to the straightening route.  We were in luck that an appt had opened up right before my call and I believed that was fate!  We were in same day....when does that ever happen.  She explained every thing she was doing and why, took the time to show my daughter what the difference in cutting the hair dry can do for curly hair cuts, and then taught her about the products she was using and the best way to use them to style her new haircut.  She kept the long length, which was very important to my daughter, but changed the style for the better...ten fold.   The style truly fits her face and is gorgeous.  Her curls have never looked so defined and healthy.  She walked out with a smile I have not seen in years after a haircut and she is still smiling a day later about her hair.  I recommend Lauren to anyone who has curly locks.  She is outstanding and I am thoroughly impressed. She spent over 2 hrs cutting my daughters hair and the next cut is not for 6 months.  Here we were getting haircuts every 7 wks.  Her fee was beyond reasonable and a 6 month haircut will save me so much in the long run.  Lauren exudes a passion for curly hair and it shows in her work.  I also have extremely curly hair and cannot wait to get onto her schedule as well.  Outstanding experience.  Thank you.

Reviewed on 07.24.14

Stylist: Lauren Kay

I have had dozens of curly cuts in multiple states and Lauren is far and above the best of them all. Instead of just randomly throwing on some Deva products she actually took the time to listen to my troubles and pick things that work for my specific hair challenges. I always come out the salon with the most gorgeous curls I could ever imagine. Her cuts are great and they last 6 months so you don't have to spend a fortune on trims. Is it expensive? Yes. Is it worth it? YES! I'm moving to a different city in a few weeks, but you better believe I'll be back in Indy every 6 months for a cut with Lauren. I wouldn't trust anyone else!

Reviewed on 01.28.14

Stylist: Caitlin

I have the pleaseure of meeting Laren D @ our Meet up event made and appoinment. Unfortunately I had to cancel. The appoinment with Caitlin was very nice. The staff was friendly, she walked me through everything she was doing. Gave me all the information on the Deva Care products. With no pressure to purchase. I actually had to return to the salon for a trim, this was done at no charge . I would definately recommend Caitlin Or Lauren . Blessings

Reviewed on 10.24.13

Stylist: Caitlin

I'm not from Fishers but needed a haircut for an upcoming family function. I searched DevaCurl's website and found Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, called and got an appointment the same day. Caitlyn was my stylist and she was GREAT!! I have had quite a few curly cuts, so I know the whole process and what to expect. Caitlyn outdid herself! She explained all the steps very clearly. She took my frumpy hair that was WAY overdue for a cut and turned it into a fantastic look. She explained the whole curly cutting and conditioning process better than any stylist I have ever had and I live in a big city! I left feeling completely rejuvenated. Thank you Caitlyn! I have never had a better haircut !

Reviewed on 07.10.13

Stylist: Caitlin

If you have curly hair, I cannot recommend Caitlin highly enough. I walked in with an unmanageable tangled mess of hair & a lifetime of curly hair hang-ups and walked out with the best haircut I have ever had & a head full of beautiful defined curls I didn't even know I had. Caitlin patiently listened to my hair woes, put me at ease and went to work. I also received a tutorial in exactly how to care for my curls and recreate the look at home. I now know I have three different types of curls which require feeding and nurturing. An hour with Caitlin has proved to be life-changing as I was on the cusp of finally giving up and cutting my hair down to tight crop (and well worth the 3 hour drive to the salon.) Run, don't walk!

Reviewed on 06.14.13

Stylist: Lauren

I have spend decades fighting my curly hair, trying to make it what it wasn't. Lauren's expertise and understanding of different types of curls has helped me love my hair and embrace the uniqueness. I wouldn't dream of going to another stylist, nor would I ever wish for another type of hair now thanks to Lauren. I love me hair, the fact that its like no one else's, and that I have an expert cutting it.

Reviewed on 05.11.13

Stylist: Lauren Kay

Where do I start? Lauren is AMAZING. I have curly, frizzy biracial hair that I have spent 21 years trying to figure out. I've tried serums, oils, straighteners, relaxers... everything, and I've never been happy with my hair. When I walked out of KKBB salon today, for the first time, I felt beautiful and loved my curly hair. I haven't been able to stop looking in the mirror, I can't believe my curly hair actually looks happy, healthy and GORGEOUS! Lauren is literally full of great ideas to make curly hair fun and they are all techniques that I feel confident that I can replicate again at home. Lauren made sure to let me know that if I had any questions at all to not hesitate to call her...very friendly and genuine receptionist and I seriously can't say enough good things about this salon. A lot of the stylists had tattoos, so people who find those offensive should probably get over it because this salon is a real gem! Today was life-changing, I feel like a beautiful whole new curly girl... Thank you so much Lauren and the rest of the KKBB staff!!!!!!!!!!

Reviewed on 05.07.13

Stylist: Lauren

I took my 9-year-old daughter in to see Lauren after reading the reviews on this website, and I was not disappointed. My daughter's hair is amazingly curly (mine is wavy at best) and I've been at my wit's end trying to figure out how to make it look good, even with all the suggestions I've been reading. Lauren showed us a routine that works on my daughter's hair and, for the first time ever, my daughter's hair was frizz-free! All the girls were amazing, and Lauren was super helpful. We will definitely be returning.

Reviewed on 04.07.13

Stylist: Lauren Dixon

I recently had a great experience at the salon Kiss Kiss Bang Bang and would recommend it to anyone who has curly hair and needs a spectacular haircut to take advantage of the their curls. Lauren sat with me at the beginning of the appointment and told me about herself and then listened to me to make certain that she knew what I wanted in the way of a hairstyle. She cut my hair dry so that she could see how my hair was reacting to the cut and she told me what she was going to do before she did any cutting. Lauren has educated herself in the best method to cut curly hair and has also had extensive training. Her assistant washed my hair and explained every step and told me about each product as she used it. Lauren then styled my hair and made certain that I knew what she was doing so that I could replicate the steps at home. She presented the products but there was no hard sell to convince me to purchase items. Everyone in the salon was very friendly, made me feel comfortable and welcome and I am looking forward to returning! Thank you Lauren.

Reviewed on 03.08.13

Stylist: Caitlin

Saw Caitlin based on a great review from a friend's daughter. Loved the experience! She spent time hearing my problems with my occassional "witch hair". The dry cut method was interesting and makes sense for curly hair. My hair really does look much better - with no extra poofiness I sometimes experience :) I will definitely be back!

Reviewed on 02.05.13

Stylist: Caitlin

I have a combination of curl types in my hair, anywhere from straight pieces to cherub curls. I have struggled to find a good curly hair stylist for years. I didn't find a "good' sylist. I found a GREAT stylist. Caitlyn is friendly, knowledgeable and very good at what she does. She talked to me about the different textures in my hair and walked me through each and every recommended product as she used it. Her styling instructions were invaluable! I was able to replicate the gorgeous, perfect, bouncy curls at home the next day. Because I was a victim of a bad haircut prior to this, it is going to take another cut to get my curls to where they need to be but Caitlin worked wonders with my current hair situation. The bonus is that once we get my curls cut properly, I won't have to have it cut as often either. :)

Reviewed on 01.25.13

Stylist: Lauren

I don't think I've ever had a better haircut. I've been to several salons in the Indianapolis area, and there are a few talented curly hair stylists in the Indianapolis area, but none are Deva trained except for a few at Kiss Kiss Bang Bang. I decided to go with Lauren because the woman on the phone said she had the most experience, and had been to New York to study at the Deva salon a couple of times. The salon itself is nice, a bit chaotic, but the atmosphere is fun. Lauren started in on my hair with a dry cut. I have fairly long hair, with botticelli curls, that have some waviness in them. Lauren explained really thoroughly why she was cutting the way she was. Lauren really knows what she is talking about. I'm set to go back for a trim in a couple of months. The cut itself was a little pricy, but Lauren said that after one or two trims, and as long as this is the length I want to keep, I'll be able to get down to one hair cut every six months! In the long run, that's much cheaper than going to a slightly cheaper place every 8-10 weeks. This was the first time I've walked out of a salon truly, truly happy with the way my hair looked.

Reviewed on 06.13.12

Stylist: Lauren

They have a several stylists that have been trained on the deva cut. I wanted the most experienced stylist, a level III. Her name is Lauren, and she was great! She was so knowledgable and knew what to do with the multiple textures on this head (4a,3c,3b). The cut comes with a wash and set style. My curls clumped together nicely. She detangled my hair with her fingers and that is something I really struggle with doing. She was able to reshape my hair without taking away length. I liked the salon experience and a scalp massage before the wash.

Reviewed on 05.09.12

Stylist: Keri

I'm very particular in the way that people cut and style my hair. Keri did a very good job with cutting my hair and telling me what products she used. I was, however, not completely satisfied with how my hair looked in the end. I think that with curly hair our hair should look natural and free, my hair had the perfect cut but was confined with gel and other products. I don't want my hair to be hard! I want it to be soft!

Reviewed on 01.22.11

Stylist: Brooke

Had my first cut today from Deva-trained stylist Brooke. I've been growing my curly hair out for 6 months from a short, flat-ironed style and had problems with almost straight heavy areas against 3a spirals and was convinced the back of my head would never curl. The entire experience with Brooke exceeded my expectations. She understood what my problems were, listened to what my goal was for my hair, showed me how to clip for direction and height. After the dry cut she colored my hair and waxed my brows. I got the full treatment! Tonight those straight heavy areas have more curl than ever! I can't stop touching them. Amazing cut! I totally recommend Brooke and KKBB!

Reviewed on 12.04.10

Stylist: Lauren

i have never had a cut from a stylist that actually understood curly hair--that is no longer true. Lauren first chatted with me about what i wanted from my hair and then offered opinions on the most appropriate way to accomplish my wishes. Lauren was marvelous, taking the time to thoroughly cover every step she took in styling my hair. i am wonderfully impressed.

Reviewed on 10.13.10

Stylist: Travis

This guy saved my hair! I have never been able to walk out of a salon and be proud of my hair until I started seeing Travis. He knew exactly what my hair needed and helped me get started on my Deva Products. He is very friendly and helpful. He is very knowledgeable and can help any curly in need.

Reviewed on 08.22.10

Stylist: Lauren Dixon

Lauren is the best! She truly understands curly hair; in fact she's passionate about it. She continuously improves her skills through training at Deva. It's the first time in my life I don't have to put my hair in a pony tail when I leave the salon. People stop and ask about my hair all the time. I always tell them to call Lauren!

Reviewed on 09.02.09

Stylist: Lauren D

Unbelievable! After reading reviews I decided to take the risk and try someone new. For the first time EVER, I left the salon with my hair styled curly and I didn't have to immediately put it back in a pony tail once I got in the car! I'm 31 and finally I feel like my curls are beautiful. Lauren explained her training with Deva curl and how to replicate the style at home, and I could actually do it!!! I cannot express how happy I am with my new hair!! Oh, and the color looks amazing, too!

Reviewed on 06.19.09

Stylist: Lauren

I can sum her up in one word!! AWESOME! I have had years and years of frizzy hair. No matter how I styled or what product I used, it was just not working. I read the reviews on and decided to go to Lauren. She taught me how to style my hair and how to make it look good when I am at home. I walked out of the salon feeling like a million bucks and have had SO many compliments on my hair! And I can style my hair like she did and feel really good when I leave the house...even on rainy and humid days! Lauren knows what she is doing for naturally curly hair! Thank you Lauren!

Reviewed on 05.15.09

Stylist: Lauren Dixon

For the past 17 years I have come out of haircuts crying or very angry because my hair had been butchered by multiple stylists, even ones with curly hair themselves. I've paid anywhere from $20-$90 for haircuts and none have made me happy until I met Lauren Dixon. Lauren has changed my life and the life of my hair. Lauren has taught me how to care for my curly hair and always makes it look stunning! The best part about Lauren is she takes pride in teaching you how to make your hair look its best. You absolutely will NOT leave the salon thinking "Well, my hair wont look this good until my next visit." You will leave your appointment knowing that you have to tools to make your hair look like you walked off the pages of a magazine everyday! I STRONGLY recommend Kiss Kiss Bang Bang Salon and their wonderful stylist, Lauren, to anyone with curly hair. I promise once you meet Lauren you will no longer have curly hair horror stories!

Reviewed on 01.28.09

Stylist: Lauren Dixon

Lauren is amazing. She has an undeniable passion for curly hair. After I botched up my hair after cutting out of curly-hair frustration, Lauren was able to give me an amazing hair cut and introduce me to great new products. Lauren is undoubtedly the best hair stylist I've ever been to and I would highly recommend her. A little expensive but worth it.

Reviewed on 04.25.08

Stylist: Lauren Dixon

Finally, after all these years...I find Lauren! I had my very curly hair cut last week and it has looked 'salon-perfect' everyday. After having about 6-7 inches cut off my hair (something different for summer), I had a string of bad haircuts and could do nothing with my hair. My curl pattern was badly disrupted and Lauren brought it right back within an hour! Highly, highly recommended, I would never go anywhere else now. Thanks, Lauren!

Reviewed on 10.01.07

Stylist: Lauren Dixon

My teenage daughter has always had trouble managing her curly hair. She had her first appointment with Lauren a week ago and her hair has been beautiful ever since. Lauren gave her a cut that looks great both curly and straight. She also gave her some helpful tips to keep her curls looking good. This is the first time in years that I haven't had to ask my daughter to please "do something" with her hair before leaving the house. Her great new cut and tips from Lauren have made it easier for her to keep it looking good. I wish we had found her ten years ago.

Reviewed on 06.10.07