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Suite 114
Portland, OR 97209

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Stylist: Josh

Reviewed on 11.15.14


I got a cut from Josh few years ago when he was still at Dezi. He is a very nice person, which is why I'm rating him higher than the cut itself is worth to me. It's the worst I ever got in my life, because it was cut so wrongly for my hair and curl type that even years later it's still hopeless. It was thinned out throughout, cut too short and choppy in some parts, curl pattern in ruined, and it's barely showing any growth, it just stays looking like a mop, regardless of products and techniques I try. I had ends cut off because they were too thin and ratty, but it hardly made much difference. Hair is always mushy and frizzy. It wasn't like that before this cut, and it always shown growth fast. No matter how bad any cut I got before was, it grew out fast and I could fix it. Now I'm stuck with the same boring lame thing forever. It's been almost 5 years, it's not changing, and it never looks healthy. My health it perfect, and hair turned for the worse and stayed that way just after the cut, nothing else changed. Josh is probably better with coarse curls than fine. He doesn't seem to know the difference and what should and shouldn't be done to it. Even if a customer asks a stylist to do something to their hair that won't be right for that type, it's stylist's responsiblity to know and tell customer no, it won't work and won't be good. Stylist should know more about hair than customer, they're the professional. I found someone good like that, unfortunatly too late, weren't able to fix much, said just to keep letting it grow and hope for the better. Depressing. It wasn't that thick to start with, just medium, fine, and after thinning out half is gone, and add to that thinning out with age... Going to have to get a wig, to feel attractive at least sometimes, with every day I feel more and more my hair is a lost cause. Can't even color it now, can't afford taking a chance and ruining texture anymore, it's a mess as it is.

Reviewed on 10.23.14

Stylist: Josh

Wonderful curl stylist that really understands curls! Skilled with all types of hair, curl cutting/coloring/styling is his specialty. Formerly of Dezi Salon (check out his other stellar reviews!)

Reviewed on 10.23.13