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User Reviews

Stylist: Carol Fishburn

Carol has been cutting and coloring my hair for several years now. I picked her because she has curly hair and is an expert on curly hair. I have extremely curly and kinky hair. Actually I call my hair a disease because I have hated it all my life. Carol has done a super job of taking care of my curly hair and yesterday she did a brazilian blowout on my hair and for the 1st time in my long life ....I now have hair that I can touch with out gettin a splinter (laugh out loud) and beautiful curls that I have dreamed about my whole life. This brazilian blowout is the answer to any one who has hair that is a very tight curl and kinky plus you hate it. Carol knows everything about curly hair and I promise, you will start to love your curly hair again.

Reviewed on 09.23.10

Stylist: Carol Fishburn

I happen to have curly hair and Carol is very knowledgeable about products that tame frizz, define curls, boost body, etc. She meets my every idea with enthusiasm and executes a style that always exceeds my expectations. Carol is a great listener and provides honest feedback. Carol has proven herself to be a great stylist.

Reviewed on 05.14.10

Stylist: Carol Fishburn

I have had Carol Fishburn as my stylist for years and she never fails to impress me. I have naturally wavy hair and she has developed a hair style that fits me perfectly. She has not only cut and styled it but has also highlighted it. If I need a drastic change she will perfect it and if I ask her to do a small change, there is no doubt in my mind that she will satisfy my request. I would recommend her for any type of hair whether it be curly or straight because she will never let you down!

Reviewed on 06.10.08

Stylist: Carol Fishburn

I have been blessed with naturally curly hair, and I just relocated to the Indianapolis area from Chicago. I was out and about and noticed someone with similar hair as mine and asked her for a referral to a stylist in the area. She highly recommended Carol Fishburn at Blades Hair Design, as she specializes in all services, but primarily naturally curly hair. I arrived to an aesthetically pleasing and updated salon for my appointment with Carol, and I felt as if I was back at my salon on Michigan Avenue in Chicago. Not only did I receive a remarkable cut, but Carol and I share the gift of stylish and trendy naturally curly locks. I highly recommend you making your next appointment with her, as well as trying the products she recommended to me for my beautiful naturally curly hair. A+

Reviewed on 12.21.07

Stylist: carol fishburn

WOW!! I finally found someone to help me with my curly hair. Carol took the time to really help me control my frizz. She also recommended I get highlights and it really brightened my natural color. If you want someone to help you with your hair, you need to call carol.

Reviewed on 12.10.07