Ceasar's Hands Cosmetology & Tricology

Suite 705, 220 Collins St, corner of Swanston & Collins st
Melbourne VIC, 07 3000
0488 850 850

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Stylist: Ceasar

After reading their amazing reviews on Womo, I decided to give Ceasar's Hands a shot. This was the first haircut I've had after ditching the straightener and going naturally curly. This guy was absolutely amazing! Most hairdressers I've gone to before have tried to conform my hair into a certain style, but this guy took a whole 30min session to really get to know my hair! Straight away he could tell everything about my hair - what my hair is supposed to look like (naturally), my past struggles with my hair, that I'm losing hair because of stress in my life and damage to my hair, etc. Seriously, it was kind of creepy to have someone read that much about you.. But AMAZING! :D Because I walked out after spending only $220 with products that I'm never going to stop using, and a haircut that turned my frizz into beautiful medusa style curls! Where usual hairdressers just send you off to struggle with your new haircut all on your own, he let me do some of the styling to get a feel for it, and gave me all the tips and tricks I needed. Seriously, give this guy a go! You will not regret it! Read some of his other reviews here (http://www.womo.com.au/reviews/Ceasars-Hands-Cosmetology-and-Tricology-Melbourne/)

Reviewed on 09.10.13