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User Reviews

Stylist: Erin Kruse

I love Erin. When I started going to her, I was growing my hair out. She always did a nice job keeping it in a nice shape and she was great at styling it, too. (It amazed me how curly she could get it!) I decided this week I wanted to go back to a much shorter style. I brought in a couple of my engagement photos and she replicated the style perfectly. I have done that with 2 other stylists. Same photos, same request, and Erin is the only one who has come close, and it turned out perfect. She really understands the nuances of my hair specifically, i.e. annoying cowlicks, random straight sections, etc. She has also taught me some great techniques for styling my own hair. Plus she's fun to talk to :) Definitely recommend Erin for any girl, especially ones with curly hair!

Reviewed on 04.03.12

Stylist: Erin

Loved Erin. She knew exactly what to do! I sat down, told her what was wrong with my hair and BOOM the next thing I know I'm looking fabulous! She talks you through what she is doing and shows you step by step what she is doing to your hair. She also shows you how to style it to get your maximum curly hairstyle "awesomeness"!!!!!! Loved the atmosphere and everyone working there. Everyone was very nice and I felt very comfortable. I would recommend Erin to anyone! She is amazing!

Reviewed on 05.11.11

Stylist: Leah Wurm

I found Leah after searching natuarl curly.com. As must of us curly haired girls know we live from one bad haircut to the next. In between times all we can think is how long will this take to grow out. I actually had one stylist say "whoever did your perm sure did a good job." I replied it's natural and I should have followed my gut instinct and got up and left. Leah was great. she did a good job on my haircut and I will be going to her forever... She has found a loyal customer :-)

Reviewed on 05.02.11

Stylist: Erin Kruse

I was referred to Erin by someone else with wavy/curly and what used to be difficult hair. Not difficult anymore! She knows how to cut your hair so that it nearly styles itself. I have lots of cow licks and more than one kind of curl/wave. Erin can make it all come together. She listens to what you are looking for and she makes it happen. She can cut hair!

Reviewed on 03.07.11

Stylist: Erin Kruse

Erin does an awesome job! She is really open to styling my hair straight or curly but always cuts it so it curls perfectly. I am allergic to dimethicone so she is really great about coming up with styling alternative products. Urban Gypsy carries the majority of the products that they do in Curl Mart so it gives my style continuity so she styles me with the same products I use at home.

Reviewed on 01.05.11

Stylist: Leah

I went to Leah for a haircut after reading positive reviews here. I was not disappointed. I love that she wears her own hair curly, and she definitely knows how to deal with curly hair. I follow the "curly girl" method and she had no problem skipping the shampoo and using my own conditioner that I had brought. She is very warm and personable and my hair looks great. I will definitely be returning to her and recommend her to any other curly girl.

Reviewed on 12.03.10

Stylist: Erin

I found Erin after having my highlights overprocessed and a choppy cut from h*ll at another salon. She worked miracles! My cut was cute, manageable, and the style was recreatable. Her product application tips were awesome! After a new cut and some gently low lights, I felt much happier with my hair. I will definitely be going back. Everyone at the salon was great!

Reviewed on 10.28.08

Stylist: Leah Wurm

After years of rolling my eyes at stylists who honestly believe that they understand curly hair but DO NOT, I finally found a stylist in Indiana who can DO CURLY HAIR! She works with your hair the way you work with your own hair, the way curly hair should be handled. She gives good advice on styling your hair at home. She's pleasant and easy to talk to, she's stylish and will push your style in the right direction. Trust her with your hair. You'll be in good hands!

Reviewed on 03.18.08

Stylist: Leah Wurm

I read the recommendations for this salon and the stylist and gave them a call. I got in the very next morning, and I was more than impressed...I was amazed at the way my hair looks now that Leah has trimmed, colored and defined the curl. She has curly hair also; therefore, she knows instinctively what to do and she made some worthwhile product recommendations. My hair looks better than it has in years and I can't thank her enough. I noticed that a lot of bloggers have left kudos for Leah, and she certainly deserves all the kudos. The salon is friendly, and although the parking is limited, Urban Gypsy is worth it! I'll definintely be back!

Reviewed on 11.03.07

Stylist: Erin Kruse

I went to Erin last week because mt sister had a great experience with her hair.I was not sure if I would be able to recreate the look at home but it was easy after all those years of trying with other stylist I wish I had know about her. Erin took the time to show me how to use different products and how to dry my hair. What a difference now I actually look at myself in the mirror and I like what I see. CeCe Murdock

Reviewed on 10.11.07

Stylist: Erin

I had a wonderful experience with Erin . she took time with me and I can get the same look at home.

Reviewed on 10.09.07

Stylist: Leah Wurm

I just wanted to emphasize how great Leah really is with curly hair. I have been struggling with my curly hair forever and trying to hide it with straightening, etc. It has been over one week since I had my haircut and its still manageable. All the way from the product she suggested to the cut. Many times you go to the salon, love the style and go home. Next day you hate when you can't style it the same way and it goes back to the way it was before. Not with Leah. She left a simple cut, offered product and now I can fix my hair in less than 5 minutes while embracing the natural curl instead of trying to straighten and fight frizz, etc. She knows what she's doing! And I love the fact that I can actually embrace my curl!

Reviewed on 02.08.07