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User Reviews

Stylist: Toni

Love this place!! Toni is a true gift to Curly hair in the Westlake area. She has given me consistently good cuts AND they tend to grow out well. Having a curly cut that grows without creating a shelf is a godsend. I am so grateful to have found Toni. Ever since my first cut with Toni nearly three years ago now, my hair is bouncier, less damaged, and much more consistent. I've never gotten more compliments on my hair than I have since I started seeing Toni. If you are a curly-haired human looking for a loving and thorough haircut, this is THE place to go!.

Reviewed on 10.18.18

Stylist: Toni D'Anna

People with very curly hair have a really hard time finding a stylist who knows how to cut curly hair and I've had some disastrous results. Toni was recommended to me by a curly-headed friend. I was very ****y because of my history with haircuts. But I took a chance. Lo and behold I found Toni! She is an artist - the best of the best. Should be working on Hollywood stars!

Reviewed on 01.24.18

Stylist: Toni

I LOVE LOVE LOVE my hair! After fighting my curls for over 50 years and straightening my hair with chemicals and ironing my hair with an iron on a ironing board, my hair is finally happy! Toni is AMAZING! Toni is the first person I have found that finally knows how to cut and work with curly hair after years of frustration fighting my curls. Each time Toni cuts my hair, I fall in love with my hair all over again. It becomes manageable, falls into place, curls flow, and compliments follow. Recently , I had her do a curl softener with a deep treatment to loosen my curls. All I can say is WOW! After 45 years of fighting my curls, my hair looks fabulous. I absolutely LOVE my softened curls!!! I highly recommend getting a curl softener to soften your tight curls and enjoy your hair once again! THANK YOU Toni. You are an incredibly awesome person and a professional when it comes to working with curly hair!

Reviewed on 01.23.18

Stylist: Toni D'Anna

Let me preface this by saying that you should look at all the reviews on Toni's salon (all 5 stars) before you read the single bad review of a disgruntled person who is stalking Toni trying to ruin her good rep -- she ha been reported to the police. Take a chance you'll love your new curly hair, as so many others have!

Reviewed on 01.22.18

Stylist: Toni D 'Anna

Let me preface this horrible experience by saying how difficult it was for me to actually report this incident, firstly because I was referred by someone very dear to me (I didn't want to make waves for her) and second, OUIDAD PRODUCTS ARE AMAZING. Toni D'Anna Owner/President at Curlylocks a Ouidad Certified Salon In Thousand Oaks, who claims to be a "Certified Ouidad Specialist," completely mislead, misrepresented Ouidad products, and flat lied about what she was applying to my hair. Basically the good ol' bait & switch move. I have always had extremely curly hair. I have tried the Brazilian Blowout and just every other possible remedy that's been put out to manage curly hair. My friend, who gave me the gift, had been raving about her new hair regimen with Ouidad products. I was excited to try it. I knew it was definitely so****ing out of my price range, but she was kind enough to treat me, for my birthday. Long story short we were there an hour and a half, which included a consult and straightening treatment, which in the end totaled $425, plus tip she, was paid $500.00! I would have never, ever paid that, I was thankful. During the "consultation" she went on to explain to us how amazing the procedure and product was, and explained to both of us, that you only had to come back and have the product reapplied to your roots because the rest of your hair would stay straight. All the raving she did to us because she was bragging about this Ouidad product and how it was so amazing. Never did she let on that she was not applying a Ouidad product! (This I came to find out only after my second appointment because I was not satisfied with my first treatment.) Well about 2 1/2 weeks after my Overpriced "Ouidad" straightening treatment from Toni, my hair was fuzzy and curly again. So I called her back and complained about my hair, so she booked me her next available appointment, a month out and she said oh well, you'd have to come back and let me "hit it again." I immediately repeated what she told us at my first appointment about the reapplication etc. and that I thought for the amount of money that my friend had paid, I don't think that I should be charged again. She explained it was new to her but we will talk about it and work so****ing out when I got there. When I arrived for my appointment, she was running 35 to 45 minutes late. My appointment was at 12 noon, I got in the chair about 12:45 or later. I let her know that I had to pick my son up from school at 2 PM in Moorpark. Even as I complained about how it didn't work, as she reapplied what I still thought was a "Ouidad" product, I noticed that she was hiding off in the back corner of her office, very unusual behavior. When she had done that on my first appointment, I didn't really think anything of it, I had never met her before, but my friend made a comment about how weird it was and I agreed. After she washed out the product, I explained that I had no time and I told her I had to be in Moorpark by two, so she gave the deep conditioning treatment, (which is a proprietary product by Ouidad) she gave it to me in a plastic cup so I could apply it at home. She re-iterated over and over and was very adamant that it is the Ouidad procedure, after the straightening, the deep conditioning cream must be applied so it can condition the hair deeply. When I finally looked at my hair that evening after I took conditioner off, I realized that my hair was completely fried. I contacted Toni; I asked her point blank did you use Ouidad products on my hair? Her first response was evasive and then finally confessed that no, it was not Ouidad products, but it's a secret mix that the CEO of Ouidad had concocted for the Ouidad professional stylists to use. I told her I wanted my money back and that I thought she owed my friend a refund as well. After multiple texts, she agreed to refund us our money. I have all the communication between the two of us, so its just that she doesn't want to give back our money. That is why I am here. Since then, she will not respond, reply to texts, or answer her phone - Nothing. It is now the principle. Her lies, misrepresentation, and deceitfulness will not be tolerated. She owes me $190.00 for my second appointment and $500.00 to my friend for my birthday present. I plan on making sure that the Ouidad representatives hear all about this and how she was slamming all of them for not inviting her to the show in Los Angeles, I could go on, but just want her to act like a business professional and like I did in "good Faith" when I paid her, to REFUND my money. I plan on filing my small claims paperwork in the next few days, I will update you when I have the results. So, please use caution if you plan on seeking hair professionalism at this salon. Thanks!

Reviewed on 01.08.18

Stylist: Toni D'anna

Toni was great! She paid a lot of attention to my specific hair type and face shape and listened to what I wanted. She explained what she was doing and why, teaching me how to style myself. She said she'll eventually have me do it myself, and she'll critique me. I love the cut, and I'm really excited to try to style my hair on my own using me new products. Also, I was surprised at the salon's set up at first. The Sola Salons building contained lots of small salons in their own little offices. That way, it was only Toni and she styled one person at a time. This made it seem even more personalized because she could focus solely on the customer and not be distracted by other people. I highly recommend her. It's on the pricey side but definitely worth it for the cut and experience. Also, she give $25 off the first cut and $25 more if you give her card to people and they bring it in with your name on people. It's a great deal because I'm happy to recommend people!

Reviewed on 03.22.14

Stylist: Toni D'anna

LOVED, LOVED, LOVED the way Toni styled my curly hair. For the first time, I didn't go home and re-do it! She also taught me how to do myself! Invaluable!!! Will be her customer for life!

Reviewed on 03.08.14

Stylist: Toni D'Anna

Toni is a Ouidad Certified curly hair specialist -- trained personally by Ouidad, "the queen of curl" in New York City. New salon now open in the Sola Salon Studios building in Thousand Oaks. Toni is the best with delicate curly hair!

Reviewed on 11.27.13