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Stylist: Holli

Holli is truly amazing! She is the only person that I have trusted to touch my curls ever since I found her on this website 5 years ago. I am sad that she has left the KC area and returned to Texas. 

Reviewed on 08.15.15

Stylist: Holli Winfree

I've been going to Holli for several years now and she has been the only stylist to have taught me how to manage my crazy curly hair. Considering all she's been through the past couple of years I have and I will remain to be a loyal client. I'm always welcomed in her salon with open arms and good vibes. I always leave feeling bright and beautiful. No other stylist has done my hair as well as she has. I would highly recommend her. The only downside I've experienced with Holli are her website mishaps. Sometimes my confirmations end up in spam or send too late to cofirm, but that has only happened twice in the past 6 years. Expect a warm smile and a great haircut when seeing Holli. She's by far the best in the KC area!

Reviewed on 04.21.13

Stylist: Holli Winfree-Meyer

I am returning home from yet again waiting for Holli without any idea what is going on. Holli gives a great curly cut, which is why this is such a hard review. But I have been STOOD UP THREE TIMES. For me that is a year and a half of missed/rescheduled appointments. Each time I sit and wait I call the only number provided and you can hear the salon phone ring and voice mail answer. There is such a thing as the ability to change your outgoing voice mail, but even that common courtesy is not extended. The communication after is pleasant but never apologetic or concerned that I may be getting closer to an unhappy customer. Never is she readily available to reschedule the appointment. There is always an excuse that you can relate to and realize happens in people's lives. It is just disheartening that it happens ALL THE TIME. This was my "give it another shot" appointment, so I guess I will have to really work on finding another stylist.

Reviewed on 11.01.11

Stylist: Holli Winfree

I decided to finally find someone in the Kansas City area who knows how to cut curly hair! And Holli fits the bill. She's been cutting hair for nearly 2 decades, and I could tell she knew what she was doing! My hair looks the best it's ever looked and my friends are amazed at the transformation from the big tumbleweed on my hair to the tame, elegant curls she was able to uncover. She was able to determine what I needed for the cut and color very quickly, again, her experience shows. And she took the time to ensure I knew how to recreate the style when I got home. Holli is very professional and personable, and I really enjoyed getting to know her. I look forward to a long relationship. I should, but I never take the time to do things like this. I really wanted to let other "fluffy heads" know what a find she is!

Reviewed on 10.02.11

Stylist: Holli Winfree

I think Holli is great at cutting curly hair. BUT, be very aware that she likes to waste your time. I have scheduled only three appointments with Holli. The first went great and I loved my cut. A rarity in the curly world. The second appointment I was only 30 minutes from my appointment time and I received a call from her saying that she had been sick for 2 days and needed to cancel my appointment to go to the doctor. I live 25 miles from her salon and have to find someone to watch my kids while I get a haircut. I was already nearly to the salon when she called. Also, as most curly girls know, that you have to have your hair styled and completely dry as you normally wear it to get a dry cut. That takes hours to do. If she had been sick for 2 days a heads up the night before would have been appreciated. I told her that I would not be returning if she canceled my appointment. So, she got out of bed and cut my hair. I tipped her well and left happy with my cut. I set up another appointment and arrived today eager to get my curls evened for my family pictures tomorrow. My appointment time came and went....no Holli. As I was walking to my car 20 minutes after my appt time I received an email about a family emergency and she would not make her appts that day. Awesome. A 50 mile round trip drive, money to a babysitter, and only 3 hours sleep after I got off working night shift to get my hair washed and dried, for nothing! And.....my curls will not be fresh and even for my pictures tomorrow. I will not be returning to Holli as my free time is too hard to come by to be used like this. I gave her two stars instead of 1 because she really can cut curly hair.

Reviewed on 09.30.11

Stylist: Holli Winfree-Meyer

I have gone to Holli a few times and she is great. She gave me my first GOOD haircut. BUT, beware. She apparently doesn't value her clients enough to keep her appointments. One Saurday I was her first appointment of the day and I waited for an hour. I tried calling her but only got her work voicemail, which is the only way to get a hold of her. I was waiting there when her next appmt showed up. She said Holli had done this to her before. Just not shown up. She finally emailed me telling me she had been at the hospital visiting her grandma and that she was sick herself, slept on the floor of her bathroom, and asked her friend to call the clients that had appmts that day. Ok. Decided to give her another chance. Again, she did an amazing job. But then I get a call from a friend that also goes to Holli. She's a no show. My initial thought when she missed my appmt was that she was out partying way too hard on Friday night. Whne my friend said she had been stood up on a Tuesday, I thougt: "She even stands up her clients in the middle of the week!" Well it just so happens that Monday was Memorial Day and she missed appmts on Tuesday. My guess is she was out partying on Monday. Nothing wrong with having a day off and enjoying yourself, but at the expense of clients? That's just rude. My friend and I live in Miami County, not a short drive (Holli is over an hour away for my friend!) so for her to not shw up in so inconsiderate. We are done with her. Try Nicole Maere at salonbliss.com, she does an amazing job!!!

Reviewed on 06.01.11

Stylist: holli

My first curly haircut! Am so glad I decided to do because Holli did a wonderful job bringing out the curl pattern in my 2B hair. She really knows her stuff & took her time in showing me all the steps. Did not feel rushed at all or pressured to buy product. Oh yeah...it's an individual room too, so no interuptions. Great experience & will definately be going back. Would recommend any curly to go to her. A+

Reviewed on 02.16.11

Stylist: Holli Winfree-Meyer

Even though I have been curly all my life, I'm just now embracing my curls at 43 years of age. Holli was wonderful in showing me the correct way to style my hair and gave me a tremendous cut that accentuated this wonderful accessory I have --my curly hair! No question for her is to silly or trivial. It's obvious she loves what she does, and she does it so well. Holli gets an A+ from me!!

Reviewed on 01.04.11

Stylist: Holli

Just a Heads Up I called and received no answer or voicemail. I emailed and heard nothing back. Unsure if this salon is still up and running?

Reviewed on 11.27.10

Stylist: Holli

I am 4* years old and am just now learning to embrace my curls. I decided that if I was going to do this (go curly), I needed to do it right and start with a great cut. I got exactly that from Holli. She cut my hair dry, then after cowashing it, she took the time to teach me how to properly style/care for my hair. It's sooo easy! And I've had a ton of compliments since my cut. Thank you Holli!

Reviewed on 08.23.10

Stylist: Holli

I tried Holli yesterday and am VERY happy with my cut although it will take me a few days to be able to manage it on my own. Most of the tips she gave me I had already figured out by poking around on the message boards here and, I didn't totally love the products she used but then, I don't totally love the ones I'm using yet either. Overall though, a very good experience and I will definitely go back.

Reviewed on 07.14.10

Stylist: Holli

I found Holli through this website. For years I have been putting up with bad haircuts by people who do not know how to cut curly hair. Holli explained everything she was doing to my hair as she was doing it, walked me through how to take care of my hair at home, and showed me specific techniques for maximum control of my curls. This was the first time I left a salon and did not immediately rush home to wash and style before anyone I knew could see me. I would recommend Holli to all my curly friends!

Reviewed on 08.30.09

Stylist: Holli Winfree

I got a great cut from Holli! She knows curly hair and cuts it dry. I'm trying to grow my hair longer and she was able to revive my curls without sacrificing any length. She also taught me some great wet styling tips that produced springy ringlets where I had only been getting so-so waves. I'm so happy I found her! I'll definitely be going back.

Reviewed on 05.02.09

Stylist: Holli

I started going to Holli about a year and a half ago based off of the reviews on here. She is absolutely great! I walked out of the salon with the best looking curls I have ever had. She showed me how to do the same on my own and I have been able to keep it up ever since. Unfortunetly, I moved to the Atlanta area about a year ago. I miss Holli so much that when I am back in town for work, I schedule an appointment with her. I tried a lady who claimed to be a specialist in curly hair with her own technique in Atlanta and I hated what she did. Schedule an appointment with Holli...you will be happy you did!

Reviewed on 05.14.08

Stylist: Holli

I don't want to give Holli a bad review, but my last haircut with her was a mess. In the past she had done a great job on my hair, but the last cut I got, she used a comb and did some layering in the back, and didn't really cut me curl by curl as LM teaches. She used a cone-filled hairspray as my styler, and I had to go home and wash my hair. I think Holli is a sweet girl, and good stylist, but it seemed to me that she is getting a little rusty on the curly girl method.

Reviewed on 05.07.08

Stylist: Holli Winfree

I was pulling my curly hair straight for nearly all the 30 something years of my life until I was introduced by a co-worker to Holli! I read the Curly Girl book before visiting Holli, and was very skeptical--the whole idea of NOT shampooing my hair at least once if not twice per day really scared me. However, Holli is WONDERFUL, not only does she give you a great cut and good advice but she really teaches you how to get the salon styled look at home.

Reviewed on 08.29.07

Stylist: Holli

Look no further all you curly head girls. Holli is great! She is such a sweet gal and she really knows what she is doing. In all my 28 years, this is the first time I have gotten a hair cut that I didn't feel like I had to go straight home and "fix" it before I went out again. I'm so glad I found her! Chech out her website.... www.AestheticEssentials.net

Reviewed on 04.24.07

Stylist: Holli

Hey girls look no further. I know Holli already has many great write-ups. But she truly is awesome!! I never had stylist take so much time into helping me with my curls. She is great, and she makes sure you are beautiful before you leave. In all my 28 years I have NEVER left after a haircut and actually LOVED my haircut. Check out her website.

Reviewed on 04.17.07

Stylist: Holly

WOW!!! Without question the best hair experience of my life. I've been to two other stylists trained in the Curly Girl method, and was shocked at the difference. Absolutely the best haircut I've ever had, as well as gorgeous color. And Holly won't send you out the door with wet hair... She makes you beautiful first and she makes sure that you're perfect before letting you leave. I also loved the fact that you aren't in a salon full of strangers, but in a private room with Holly for the whole time. We had a great visit, and it felt more like spending the afternoon with one of my best girlfriends. It was just a fabulous experience from beginning to end and I can't recommend her highly enough. I live in St. Louis, but I'll be happy to make the 4+ hour trip! Amy A., St. Louis

Reviewed on 02.13.07