Red Door Spa

42 Village Square
Baltimore, MD 21210
410 323-3636

User Reviews

Stylist: Emily

Butchered by Emily with such amazing skill, that there is no fixing, other than to shave it off. 4 inches at the crown, basically a mullet, texturized for extra frizz, with doggy ears. 3rd day crying.

Reviewed on 12.10.13

Stylist: Emily

The first two times were fine. Then absolute disaster. I have not been this butchered since i was 10. It will take a year to grow this out. She gave me a mullet, 4 inches long at the crown. I look like a demented old poodle, and i am not even old. I have photo evidence, but seems i cant post it this way

Reviewed on 12.09.13