Salon Lofts

15868 Fountain Plz Dr
Ellisville, MO 63011

User Reviews

Stylist: Debbie Watson

I am very excited that Debbie has opened her own salon! I have lived in many cities, and she is the first stylist that I have found that can cut my wavy hair and make it look great. Debbie patiently taught me how to manage my hair that had previously been a frizzy mess. And not only is she great at cutting hair, but Debbie also did a fabulous job correcting the color of my hair. I had been coloring it myself and needless to say, it did not look natural. I highly recommend Debbie (my husband has an appointment next week), you will love the results!

Reviewed on 01.03.14

Stylist: Debbie Watson

I can't wait to see Debbie at her new salon! She is the only stylist who truly knows curly hair and has taught me how to manage and maintain my thick curly hair. I am always happy when I leave her chair because not only is she the best stylist, she is a warm and caring person. I am so glad I found her.

Reviewed on 12.31.13

Stylist: Debbie Watson

Debbie Watson has opened her own curly salon at Salon Lofts in Ellisville. Debbie has many years of experience and has studied and trained with renowned stylists. She is an expert at cutting curly hair and will teach you how to style your curly locks! Don't look any further! She is the best in the St. Louis area and beyond.

Reviewed on 12.20.13