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854 S Broadway
Lexington, KY 40504

User Reviews

Stylist: Kim

Kim came up as recommended for Lexington KY on and also by a fellow Curly Girl on private fb group. I was nervous because she only cuts wet and that is what I have spent the last 2 years getting away from. I tried her out anyway because Lex has almost no curly hair specialists to choose from and I was not disappointed. Thank goodness it was a great cut and I look for****d to seeing her again. I still would prefer having dry cuts but until then, I will be happy to go to Kim. She knows her stuff 🖒🖒🖒🖒

Reviewed on 11.18.17

Stylist: Kim

Words cannot express how amazing Kim is. She's so open and welcoming and will be honest with you. I went in wanted to get a post-breakup chop. My 3a hair makes that a little risky, and any other hairdresser I've been to won't do it. We talked about it together for at least 15 minutes before she actually started. I was a little nervous because she cut it wet (I'd always got it cut dry before), and I felt comfortable to voice that. She told me that she took the shrinking into account and not to worry, and I trusted her. The cut looks FANTASTIC. She went where no other hairdresser would ever go, made me feel comfortable enough to let her do that, and it turned out to be the best decision ever. Not to mention, we had the best girl-time ever, just chatting! I can't recommend her enough--she's incredible.

Reviewed on 01.06.16

Stylist: Anonymous

I've gone to Kim twice in the last 6 wks. Once for a cut and then for a trim. I've never had a cut so cute and fun and that really brought out my curls, especially with the massive hard water here in KY. She taught me how to take care of my hair and what types of products to use. Not only did she do a fantastic job, but she was also relatable and down to earth. I'm looking forward to my next visit!

Reviewed on 01.22.12

Stylist: kim

I came to Kim expecting a great cut based on the reviews here, but was disappointed with the end result. Kim did not ask me any questions about my unpredictable hair--and she COMBED it, which is an absolute no-no for my hair (I did tell her this at the beginning of the appointment). I think I ended up with a boring, not particularly flattering hair cut that I could have gotten at any hair salon from a hair stylist without any curl experience.

Reviewed on 01.10.12

Stylist: Kim

Kim is absolutely amazing! I went to her after reading the reviews here and she more than lived up to the hype! I had gotten a TERRIBLE haircut and was trying to live with, but just could not deal with the horrible shape that had been done to my 2c-3a hair. Kim was just as mortified as me regarding the bad do, and she promptly turned a disaster into the best cut I have ever had. I get compliments when curly or blown out straight and it is the first time I have walked out of a salon and been completely thrilled with the results. I had to move several states away and am contemplating flying back to see her again. To top it off, she is very sweet and funny and gives great, unbiased advice on product. If you have curly hair anywhere near Lexington, Kim is your girl!

Reviewed on 01.05.11

Stylist: Kim

I also sought out this person after reading the reviews here. She did a great job cutting my 3a/b hair! She told me she has curly hair, but blows it out in the winter because her head gets cold in the morning. I was set on getting a bunch of layers, but she managed to dissuade me, which I realize was a lot better, since my hair would have been HUGE with that many layers. She has a looser curl, but obviously knows about other types too. She cut 2-3 inches off my hair, getting rid of the weight, but also keeping most of the length. :) I will definitely be getting my hair cut by her in the future. Two thumbs up. ~:D

Reviewed on 02.11.09

Stylist: Kim

I had my first appointment with Kim this past weekend. It was wonderful. I love the style and the tips on product was very helpful. It may have been my first appointment, but will definately not be my last.

Reviewed on 08.04.08

Stylist: Kim

Is very good as an stylist. She cut my curly hair very short. It is a cute style which I can style in more then one style. My second appt is for tomorrow. I will update as we go along. I'm interested to see if she can do other style with curly other then job. But at this point she is the best!

Reviewed on 05.01.08

Stylist: Kim

Kim is the best! She has done wonders for my hair, and I now love it again. She is a great stylist, and I trust her completely! I am so glad I took a chance and went to her (based on this website)!!!

Reviewed on 07.22.07

Stylist: kim

I went to Kim because of what i read about her on this website. She gave me a fabulous cut. Taking my hair from extreamly long to very short. I don't think I've ever loved a hair cut more. She is very friendly and has great advise for those with curly hair, or any hair type for that matter. Kim is a stylist I will continue to go to.

Reviewed on 04.09.06