Key Lime Salon

2009 Highland Avenue
Louisville, KY 40204

User Reviews

Stylist: Bryan Blair

Bryan is great with curly hair. He understands how curly hair "shrinks" so he doesn't cut it too short. I would highly recommend him especially if you're looking for a change. I went to him almost 10 years ago for the first time and he recommended I let my curly hair curl naturally (I'd been pulling them straight for ever). We had to patiently let my hair grow long enough for the curls to hang and curl but he did a great job providing me with encouragment and patience for the process to come about. After hating my hair all my life, Bryan provided me with a haircut that I love. I never thought I'd like my curly hair but I do. Such freedom!! Now when it rains I don't cry because I have to go out and expose my frizzy hair to the world, but now it's okay because the rain just enhances my curls.

Reviewed on 07.18.06