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User Reviews

Stylist: Kathy

I made a consult appointment with Kathy of Aqua Salon for my 3b curls. She made me feel comfortable telling her about my hair & how I style it, what my concerns are, etc and she also let me know *her* process for cutting naturally curly hair. She also made time for an appointment later that week so I could have a trim. She encouraged me to try out bangs (which friends & stylists have always told me wouldn't work out) because I've wanted to try them for so long. I am so happy with how she trimmed my hair, and how my bangs came out. If you are a naturally curly girl, you need to see Kathy!

Reviewed on 04.21.15

Stylist: Kathy

I moved here from Michigan and was desperate for a good stylist. I found Kathy by asking a woman on the street who had gorgeous curls. Kathy is great! She really understands curls as a curly head herself and a stylist. I've been to her several times now and have had great haircuts! Highly recommend. I've had my hair cut at Deva in NY and my local stylist in Michigan and now Kathy here in Montana were both as good!

Reviewed on 01.15.14