1556 Bardstown Road
Louisville, KY 40205

User Reviews

Stylist: Mona

Do not go this salon. I read several reviews re: Mona and expected her to know what she was doing to only find out she was requesting people to write reviews. The reviews you are read are not unpromopted. And, she did not cut my hair any better than I could have gotten at Fantastic Sams. But she charged a whole lot more!

Reviewed on 11.17.08

Stylist: Mona

After trying for over a year to find a stylist who was good with curly hair, I found Mona at Scissorhands. She was terrific -- listened carefully to my ideas and concerns and had some suggestions of her own without being pushy -- and definitely *knows* curly hair. She does the cut very fast, which is a bit nerve-wracking at first (because you are worried maybe she's not cutting the hair right) but I think it's because she's been cutting curly hair for so long, she just does it instinctually and correctly! So don't worry. :) I definitely recommend Mona and give her 5 stars. PS I have since moved away from Louisville but would still go to Mona @ Scissorhands if I could!

Reviewed on 10.07.08

Stylist: Greg Brewer

I have my hair done at this salon and will never look elsewhere. greg is a very nice and knowledgeable. I have had wonderfull results everytime. the salon is friendly and clean and modern, all around great place to go. i recommend Greg highly. He's a blessing.

Reviewed on 10.28.07

Stylist: Mona

I would NOT reccomend this salon; after reading the positive reviews on here, I made an appt. at this salon with Mona. Long story short, my hair has been in a pony-tail ever since. I have very fine curly hair and she cut pieces out of it and made my hair look even finer and frizzier. I'm waiting to let it grow out to get it re-shaped, but it's ratty and the cut has no structure (almost looks like it broke off instead of being cut off!! All for $48...this was leaving the salon with wet hair, no style. After it dried, I cried for a week and wished I never went.

Reviewed on 10.23.07

Stylist: Mona

I would NOT recommend this salon to anyone who is trying to follow CG. She did not listen to any of my requests and really messed up my hair via her "curve cutting" technique. I requested to be cut dry, but she said she would have to brush out my hair and would rather wet cut (?). She used sulfate laden shampoo and cone-filled conditioners, then cut my hair straight across even though I told her it wouldn't look right once it dried. It didn't. I actually had to even it up myself right after I got home from the cut. Not only this but it was way shorter than I requested (I asked her to leave it long enough to put in a ponytail). I had curls that shrunk up to above the tops of my ears and it obviously wouldn't go in a ponytail. The worst part was her "curve cutting" technique, which she claimed "would make my curls pop." What it is is basically razoring, except without the razor. She took chunks of my hair after she had combed it out, took the blade of her scissors and ran it gently from the top of the chunk of hair to the bottom, cutting off random lengths of hair all the way down. This is basically creating artificial frizz as well as thinning, which I DEFINITELY did not need. To top it off, she styled my hair awfully, but I almost expect that now when I go to the salon. Overall, if you are looking for a basic layered hair cut, she did ok. I could have gotten the same cut at a barber shop for way less than I paid her with much less emotional stress. She personally attacked me by saying that "I didn't trust anyone, and I needed to trust people more" because I was wary of getting my hair cut by her. She also got very defensive and nasty when I tried to tell her that the products she was using had silicones in them that would weigh down my hair. So, again, if you are trying to follow CG, I would not recommend this salon. However, if you are open to conventional cutting and styling techniques, then this place is as good as any.

Reviewed on 10.16.07

Stylist: Mona

I had just about given up on finding a stylist in my area who said they knew how to cut curly hair and could actually do it. After several experiences at two very high priced salons I was tired of not getting what I was paying for. Mona at Scissorhands Salon changed all of that. I highly recommend her for curly haired girls. She will work with you on the style that you want and she takes the time to look at your hair shape and texture before the shampoo, not after as salons who don't know anything about curls do. This was the first time I left a salon and did not go home and rewash and style my hair. She told me that it may take several more cuts to fix my last stylist's mistake, but I have confidence that this time my curls will grow out with style.

Reviewed on 10.15.07

Stylist: Mona

I went to Mona after reading the recommendations here. She was great about making sure we were on the same page as far as cut,length,etc before we got started. The products she recommended keep my hair looking fabulous at home. Mona is THE go to stylist for me now and I recommend her for all the curly girls in Louisville.

Reviewed on 03.07.07

Stylist: Mona

After reading recommendations here, I went to see Mona. We sat and talked about what I wanted and I showed her pictures of the styles I liked. She made sure that we were on the same page. She gave me a fantastic cut, with lots of defined curl. She talked to me about the products I should use, and she made sure I understood how to achieve the same effects at home. And, although my hair currently isn't long enough for the style I want, Mona gave me a cut that doesn't look like I am going thru the terrible and agonizing "growing out" phase. It is beautiful as is!

Reviewed on 09.07.06