Head Trip Studio

14 S. Haddon Avenue
Haddonfield, NJ 08033
(856) 427-6775

User Reviews

Stylist: Diana

I was super excited about going to this salon and I made my appointment about a month ago. I told the scheduler that I wanted my hair colored and she gave me an appointment with Diana. I finally went to this salon last week. When I get there she educated me on Devacurl which was great, and I showed her a picture of the exact hair color I was looking for on someone with a hair texture almost identical to mine. She asked if she could take a before and after, to which I said okay to and she took several pictures. But when she started I noticed that she was giving me highlights instead of all over color. So I'm thinking okay cool, I'm going for a drastic change so she's taking me there slowly and I'll come back to get the color I want. At the end when she was done, I asked her how soon I could I come back to add more color to get to where I wanted to be. Diana informed me that it wasn't a good idea to keep adding more color. She did NOT take an "After" picture like she said she would. I left the salon mortified and cried when I got home because I was nowhere near where I wanted to be, my hair colors didn't blend seamlessly and I looked like a bumble bee because my natural hair color is very dark and my highlights are basically platinum blonde. I began to wonder if she didn't take an after photo because she knew how badly my hair looked. My mom and sister even pointed out that some of my hair towards the back of my head was a greenish blue color and I had my mom cut out several pieces to avoid looking ridiculous in public. I ended up calling the salon back the next morning because I was so upset with my hair and Diana was FAR from apologetic and I was made to feel as if I was wrong for telling her that I didn't get what I asked for and she was SURE that she gave me what I asked, but she told me to come in so she could look at my hair. Fast forward to the appointment..Diana still continued to say that she had given me what I had asked for and said that she would be able to give me more highlights but I would have to pay for more color! I was completely shocked by this and I refused to pay even MORE money when I was not originally given what I asked for. In the end, I was refunded but I still left defeated and unsatisfied. I didn't want my money back, I simply wanted what I asked for and now I'm stuck with bumble bee highlights until I can find someone TRUSTWORTHY to give me what I actually want.

Reviewed on 06.02.17

Stylist: Diana

Diana took the time to consult with me for a while about my hair care routine and the pruducts before we even started cutting. She was careful to get an idea of what i wanted and took a bad haircut and turned it around to create a style conpletely my own, based on what I liked and what worked for my life. I had the best experience at Head Trip, the products were amazing and the atmosphere so relaxing. I left absolutely beaming and am loving my hair style!!!

Reviewed on 03.23.15

Stylist: Diana

Going to Diana was probably the BEST decision I have ever made (when it comes to my hair). I discovered Diana through Devacurl's website and I immediately had the urge to visit her salon. Mind you, my curls are very tight and THICK! It was time for a change with my hair. I knew the products that I used were not working due to all the chemicals and sulfates. So, I booked a consultation with Diana (which was FREE) and I was able to receive the Devacurl 3 step process (No-Poo, One Condition, and the Light Defining Gel). After about an hour, my hair went from a puffball to a masterpiece! My curls were not weighted down and were not greasy or crunchy! I felt a sense of self-confidence with my new curls! However, I did notice that my heat damage showed on my ends. My ends were pin straight due to the evil hair straightener. Through a couple of months, I straightened my hair less and less as I began to appreciate my natural curls. However, recently, I received a Devacut. BEST DECISION OF MY LIFE! Once my fried ends were gone, my curls sprang up and then I finally noticed a curl pattern in my hair. My curls looked healthy and my head felt LIGHTER! Once again, my self-esteem was boosted. For a long time, I felt less confident when it came to my natural hair, being surrounded by so many people in high school who have straight hair. With my hair cut, I see no need to ever touch a straightener again. My haircut really improved my confidence and now I am in love with being a curly-haired girl. Shout out to Diana for being the best hairdresser ever! Thank you for everything!!!!!

Reviewed on 07.08.14

Stylist: Diana

AMAZING! I have been going to Diana for over 5 years and I wouldn't trust anyone else with my wavy curls. Her haircuts make my curls easier to deal with. Most of the time I wake up and go out without doing my hair because it is so hydrated from the Deva products, I do not need to add much else. Diana has styled my hair for multiple events and she always does a beautiful job. I highly recommend her to anyone looking for a stylist who knows what she is doing!

Reviewed on 04.09.14

Stylist: Diana

To be honest, I'm very surprised that her studio was not on this list for South Jersey. I found her completely by accident on the internet and I am home from my very first appointment with her. This is also my very first Deva Cut. Diana is an absolute dream! She has a very friendly, warm personality with a cozy, inviting salon to match. From what I can tell, she is the only hairdresser here and she does a very fine job. I came in and she took her time finishing up with the woman that came in before me, but she engaged in conversation with both of us. Diana is very attentive and a wonderful hostess. When it came to my turn (which didn't take too long, mind you), she was very thorough in explaining hair types and the CG method and what is best for your hair health, etc. Diana really makes sure to educate you before diving right into cutting your hair. She uses all Deva products at her studio and I had never used them before since they were out of my price range and I had no idea if they would work for my hair type. I'm very convinced that I will use them after my trip with her, though. It smells fantastic and feels great on my waves, but uh, I'm not here to talk about Deva stuff. Sorry, hehe. Diana is a gem because I swear I've been to several hairdressers and they will try to push product on you like a used car salesman. She doesn't do this. She sincerely recommended to me only what I needed and made sure to let me know how much product was necessary in my hair and what products would work best for me. She is genuinely concerned with hair health. Diana seems to work according to the individual and it's probably the only time I've ever met someone like this. She is a very sweet woman with a beautiful salon and a beautiful personality to match. I highly recommend her, seriously. If you're in South NJ in the Cherry Hill, Haddonfield, Voorhees area or wherever and don't wanna cross over to Philly or drive all the way up to NYC, Diana is seriously fantastic. Give her a try. (:

Reviewed on 01.29.14