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Columbia, MO 65201

User Reviews

Stylist: Crystal

If you love your curly hair, do not let Crystal cut it. I partly blame myself because she mentioned that her clients usually prefer their hair straight and she clearly was not comfortable with my hair. She took thinning shears to my already fine hair. I left the salon feeling "some kind of way", but reasoned that maybe after I wash and style it myself it'll look better. Well, that didn't happen. I was in near tears. My hair looks terrible! I could see through it in some parts. It was choppy, and had no shape at all. I'm sure she's great at cutting straight hair but don't let her touch your curls.

Reviewed on 03.24.14

Stylist: Maja

I did my big chop 5 years ago. My curl pattern is anywhere from 3c-4c. I'm working with a lot of textures here. LOL. Anyway, living in Columbia, Missouri, there aren't a lot of black/curly salons. So I called all over the place looking for a stylist that wasn't intimidated by my hair. I feel like if they feel comfortable doing my hair, then i'm comfortable letting them. I wanted a wash, condition, cut. Last time I had my hair done at a salon was in 2009 when I Big Chopped, at a natural salon in KC and it was an AWFUL experience. She hacked my hair like nobodies business. It was obvious she didn't know what to do with multiple textures. So, Maja (who is white, but don't let that deter you! She knows what she's doing!) had her work cut out for her. I'd sent her pictures of my natural hair, and she wasn't intimidated at all. When I got there, it was a chill environment… She used Mizani products and washed, deep conditioned, blow-dried and straighten/style/cut my hair. The whole process took maybe 2 hours or so. When it was all said and done, she sent me home with some free chi products to maintain my style and only charged me 45 dollars. (I expected her to charge more considering the texture of my hair. The second time I got my hair done, it was also with Maja. This time, she was ready to try some new products on me, so she ordered some of the Curls products as well as Mixed Chicks. Again, it turned out very well, and she understood that although i was getting it cut, i wanted to maintain my length. She was not scissor happy! I haven't been back in a while, just because of timing and finances, I haven't had the luxury of getting my hair spoiled, but I'll keep going back to her!

Reviewed on 02.03.14