Vasuda Salon

2201 4th Avenue
Ste 101
Seattle, WA 98121

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** originally reviewed in Feb. 2014 **I was on the hunt for a salon in Seattle that specialized in both curly hair and offered the Brazilian Blowout treatment. Vasuda was a match made in heaven. After a quick consultation, I scheduled an appointment with Erica Carraway (Level 2 Stylist) to perform my BBO treatment. I've received the treatment for years in both Chicago and Scottsdale, AZ so this wasn't anything new. Erica did a great job and I enjoyed beautiful results for about 3 months.I recently ventured back into the salon for a wash/trim. Erica was booked solid, so I made an appt with Linda (another level 2 stylist). Linda was new to the salon (came from Aveda) and gave me the best scalp massage of my life when she was washing my hair. The trim was pretty straightforward.... I was only getting rid of splits, not getting a style, so I can't speak to her skills in that regard.Everyone at the salon is friendly and it's a pleasant atmosphere.The only con that I have is that I received a follow-up call from the male receptionist (jr stylist?) 2 weeks later saying that it had been "a while" since my last appt, and they wanted to see if they could schedule something for me. This was a friendly thing to do, but it had only been 2 weeks so I was more annoyed than anything. I think he possibly called me on accident. Who knows... but either way, I don't really need (or want) a follow-up call 2 weeks later. But putting this all in perspective, if this is my biggest complaint, it's really not THAT bad lol.I've blogged about both experiences here:…

Reviewed on 07.21.14