Fanny's of Westmount

United StatesQCMontrealFanny's of Westmount
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  • 230, St-Jacques ouest
    Montreal, QC H2Y 1L9
    United States
    (151) 448-25824
  • (Rated 1/5 based on 2 Reviews)

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User Reviews (2)

Stylist: Fanny

Rating: Salon Rating: 1 Scissors

Worst service ever !! During the masaage the employes next room were screaming ! Not really relaxing! After i wait 45mn for my pedicure because the owner was doing her pedicure !! When I complained to her she was really rude and didnt care about. Never go back !! Plus the product they use are old and are not of quality. They claimed on there websit that celebrety go there but the pictures on the wall are from the 1980. Dont go there !!!!

REVIEWED BY: Soophia  |  6.23.13

Stylist: Fanny

I went there once years ago ! never never go back again ! I had puffed frizzy hair like a poodle dog.I can't believe she was proud of what she done.She doesn't care about what you look like after what she done, YOU have to live with your curly hair, and it was very very expansive. No more for me.I've tried of lot of salon in Montreal and I hope that someday one of the most popular salon in New York will open one here. We don't have a lot of hairdressers who learned how to work with curly hair.It would be a big big business here !

REVIEWED BY: Guest  |  11.15.06