Paris Parker

4900 Prytania Street
New Orleans, LA 70115

User Reviews

Stylist: stacie spiers

wish there was a 10 star rating for Stacie.. she's totally awesome. I have curly hair with fine, almost straight hair over my ears.......and she managed to cut it so it's curly there as well. I've never had better hair cut and since I'm from San Antonio and visiting NOLA, I will wait and see her again the next time I come! She is worth driving 500 miles for!

Reviewed on 07.24.11

Stylist: Stacie

WOW! Upon reading these reviews, I decided to give Stacie a call. I called Paris Parker Prytania and was informed that Stacie is now at the Magazine Studio location. She's teaching more these days and only take clients 3 days a week. When I arrived at the salon, I was happy to have been greeted by a CURLY haired Stacie who was friendly and cool. She gave me a SUPER cut and instructed me on tools and products without making me feel forced to buy. She's incredibly honest which is what I really like in a stylist. My cut is manageable and most importantly, show off my curls beautifully. Highly recommend her

Reviewed on 11.17.10

Stylist: Stacie Spiers

Stacie works magic on curly hair with her scissors, and she is a sweetheart. It is definitely worth driving for an hour to get a cut from this master professional.

Reviewed on 10.02.09

Stylist: Stacie Spiers

Stacie works magic with curly hair plus, she is a sweetheart!!! I am more than happy to drive for an hour to have my hair cut by this master professional.

Reviewed on 10.01.09

Stylist: Stacy

I have never before had a stylist who was so willing to take the time to talk to me about my hair. That may sound strange as you would think a stylist would be happy to discuss hair care - but, with my awkward hair I have not found that to be true. Stacy was WONDERFUL. Friendly, helpful and extremely knowledgeable about curly hair. I cannot say enough good things about her, or the salon.

Reviewed on 08.11.09

Stylist: Stacie Spiers

Based on the previous reviews I made an appt with Stacie. Like the previous reviewers said - she is AWESOME! Best hair cut of my life! I've got 3a hair and she is the first stylist who commented on the cuticle, told me not to wrap it in a towel etc. Definitely knows her stuff. She asked me what I wanted, and since I didn't really know I said "You come highly recommended - I trust you, do what you think would look good." And she did! LOVE her and will be back.

Reviewed on 03.27.09

Stylist: Stacie Spiers

I went to Stacie after reading the recommendations here. She was fabulous! Took one look at my hair and said, "Naturally curly? Do you wear it curly? Why don't we put some layers in to give it some bounce?" I didn't even have to tell her that was exactly what I was looking for in a cut. She asked how I planned to style it (always curly or sometimes straight) and texturized accordingly. Showed me how to use a diffuser and generally made my hair happy. And as an added bonus, she is zippy and personable!

Reviewed on 11.06.08

Stylist: stacie spiers

after reading reviews on this site, i made an appointment with stacie. i wanted something short and cute for the summer, but not a poodle look (i have 3A curls). i normally go to the aveda institute in metairie and i've really never been disappointed there but i wanted to try this at least once. it was MUCH more expensive than i was used to BUT it was worth it. i felt like i had to share stacie with a few other clients during my appointment, but she totally understood curly hair issues and gave me a really really really great cut. she showed me how to style it and wrote down the products i needed (even recommending ones that were cheaper than aveda brand). the next day one of my co-workers asked me if i curled my hair. i told her no but my hair has always been curly and she said it never looked as good and curly as it did then!

Reviewed on 07.10.08

Stylist: Stacie Spiers

Based on the reviews below I took their advice and I am thrilled over my new haircut. The best ever. Stacie is really awesome.

Reviewed on 04.18.08

Stylist: Stacie Spiers

On the advice of the previous user, I visited Stacie for the best advice, cut and style of my life. I was not disappointed. Go. Now.

Reviewed on 03.18.08

Stylist: stacie spiers

The best cut a person with curls could ever ask for. She has curls and understands our problems and can fix them!!! You will love her, I promise!

Reviewed on 04.15.07