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Indianapolis, IN 46214

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Stylist: Kayla Ridenour

I got a Devacut at Deweese Salon this week. It was my first time and it was a great experience. I met with Kayla a week before for a consultation, and explained to her what it was that I wanted she made me feel very comfortable. She explained what she was gonna do before she started cutting and took her time to cut each single individual curl (and I have very small corkscrew curls). I gradually got to see the shape. She took her time detangling my hair and asked me what kind of products I used in my hair and how I styled my hair. The devacurl products did give me good definition and fluffy curls which I liked but it felt kind of like there was a "sticky film" only way I can explain it. However, it might have just been the combination of products used they smelled really good! Kayla did exactly what I asked, I've never felt so comfortable getting my hair done. I didn't leave the salon with my hair exactly how I like but I went home and stretched my curls and fluffed them a bit more and it was great!

Reviewed on 03.22.14


Reviewed on 03.22.14