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Stylist: Jen Traverso

Jennifer Traverso is an amazing master stylist. I have spent years trying to find someone who I trusted with my hair and now that I found Jen, my search is over! She is worth the 40 minute drive that I take to Andover. I am thrilled to hear that she will be opening her own salon soon. The skill, professionalism and dedication that she brought to Indra and to her clients will transcend to her new salon and is sure to make it a definite success! She has made a follower out of me!!!

Reviewed on 12.31.11

Stylist: Jen Traverso

Jen Traverso is the worst stylist I have ever had do my hair. Not only does she mess it up but she does not notice or correct her mistakes. I had her do my hair several times and she was always completely distracted. The last time she did my hair, after she spent hours trying to get the color right, it was horrible--it was a red as clown's hair and I had color stains all over my face. Thankfully, she was working at Indra at the time and April spent two hours correcting the disaster for no charge.

Reviewed on 12.13.11

Stylist: Jen Traverso

Master Stylists Jennifer Traverso and Amy Borges formerly of Indra Salon invite you to follow them on the next step of their success!   After nearly a decade of exponential growth and success at INDRA Salon and City Spa Jennifer Traverso is excited to announce that she is opening her own salon, Salon Forza!  Located in Andover Center, across from Glory’s Restaurant and Lounge, Salon Forza will be bursting with fresh talent and plans to lead the way in hair style and wellness.  We encourage all of Jennifer and Amy’s clients to visit and “like” Salon Forza’s new launched facebook page at   Salon Forza is scheduled to open during September of 2011.  While under construction, Main Street Salon in Andover has been gracious enough to have both Jennifer and Amy as guests.  Main Street Salon is located in Andover Center at 40 Main Street.  Main Street Salon is located next door from Andover Optical and across the street from TD Bank.   Jennifer Traverso and Amy Borges strongly encourage their clients to contact them concerning their upcoming appointments.      To reach Jennifer Traverso… (978) 815-9554 -or- [email protected]     To reach Amy Borges… (617) 957-0562  

Reviewed on 08.01.11

Stylist: Amy

Amy at Indra is excellent. I have 3a curls, thin and fine. She cuts my hair and it is the perfect cut for my hair. She also has curly hair so understands curly hair and how much it shrinks. She helps me make the most of my hair. It looks much thicker than it is and I am convinced, in part, due to the hair cut. My hair looks great curly, but it also looks good on those rare days I decide to straighten my hair.

Reviewed on 11.26.09

Stylist: Jen Traverso

Another rave for Jen Traverso. This is the first time I sought out a curly hair "specialist" and Jen certainly is that. She explained how curls are cut differently than straight hair and gave me great shape without losing any more length than I wanted. No pressure to buy products but she made recommendations on what kind to use and how to style. The salon is great too, hand massage, neck massage, WOW! The $20.00 conditioning treatment was worth the money. My hair felt great afterward. I didn't leave without making a follow-up appointment. Thank you Jen! Mary

Reviewed on 11.12.09

Stylist: Jen

I saw Jen a few months back because I had NO idea what to do with my curly hair. My other stylists through the years always taught me how to fight the curls, and Jen showed me how to love them! She took so much time with me and made my hair better than it has ever been. Ive seen her about 4 times since then, and I have always walked out feeling fantastic!

Reviewed on 07.30.09

Stylist: Jen Traverso

When I went in to get my hair cut and colored with Jen, I was a nervous wreck! I've never done anything to my hair color wise and my hair is also very curly so its hard getting a cut that I like. Jen was super nice and made me feel so comfortable. Not only is she a genuinely nice person, she went above and beyond to make sure that I was happy with my hair and made me feel comfortable through the process. Well worth the price. I'm no stylist, but I walked out of that salon feeling confident, happy, and LOVING my hair :). Already booked my next appointment.

Reviewed on 02.14.09

Stylist: Jen

I'm very happy I listened to other reviewers and made the small trek out to Andover. I got an incredible cut from Jen. Considering how much she changed my hair (for the better) shape-wise, she didn't make me lose too much in length. She also knows how to *style* curly hair which is rare! Go see Jen. You won't regret it. I am thrilled with my new cut and will be excited to go back in 8 weeks when my hair's a little longer.

Reviewed on 07.29.08

Stylist: Jen Traverso

I went to Indra Salon to see Jen based on Naturally Curly's recommendation. Jen is amazing, and for once I'm in love with my hair! I even said to her at one point ""No-one has ever cut my hair like that"". Knowledge and talent are key when it comes to curly hair, and she has both. The salon itself and the staff are fantastic, the atmosphere is great. My hands still feel awesome from the hand massage I received while waiting. If you go, definately get the oil treatment while your being washed, (more than worth the extra $20.00) my hair hasn't been this soft since I was an infant.

Reviewed on 03.05.08

Stylist: Jennifer

Jennifer Traverso of the Indra Salon in Andover, MA. Awesome. Extremely knowledgeable, not pushy with the salons products, but helpful with tips and recommendations. Finally someone who can cut curly hair so you can embrace its versatility.

Reviewed on 05.23.07

Stylist: Jen Traverso

Being a stylist at one time in my life has set the bar when it comes to having my curly hair cut and Jen Traverso has reached it! Jen is fabulous at what she does and having her cut my hair today proves it. After leaving the salon and heading home doing my Saturday routine I received an incredible amount of compliments, even at a hair salon where I go for my eyebrow wax! Jen rules the north shore of Massachusetts when it comes to curly hair.

Reviewed on 03.03.07

Stylist: Amy

I went there coming from NY to NH and no one in New Hampshire seemed confident in doing ethnic hair. I went to Amy and she was so patient and made me feel comfortable. She educated me on what to do and what not to do to resolve a previous hair trauma (NOT MADE BY HER). She's awesome and she knows what she is doing. The salon itself has a great modern atmosphere and keeps all of the clients with up-to-date styles and cuts.*****

Reviewed on 01.02.07

Stylist: Jen Traverso

I just wanted to add another recommendation for Jen. She was warm and informative and definitely is comfortable and knowledgable with curly hair. My hair was overgrown, no shape, and a frizzy mess. She tamed it and explained why she was making each of her suggestions. She show me how to use some of the products. She transformed my hair into something that I love. Thanks Jenn!! I'll definitely be back!!

Reviewed on 06.10.06

Stylist: Jen Traverso

I visited Jen Traverso at Indra Salon, based on a recommendation. Jen was excellent -- we discussed what wasn't working well with my hair and how it might be changed. The cut is great and the salon is beautiful. Much more convenient than going into Cambridge or Boston.

Reviewed on 02.04.06