Sianni Salon

2032 Chestnut Street
Philadelphia, PA 19103
(215) 567-5600

User Reviews

Stylist: Stephanie

So I recently went to the Salon and had Stephanie and it was a disaster. I let her cut my hair twice but this time she did not successfully finish my hair. She just dumped conditioner on my hair and sent me on my way. A year ago I would have sworn by her, see previous review but this last experience really did me in.I do not reccommend.

Reviewed on 11.04.14

Stylist: Stephanie

I've had a fair share of stylists do my hair and I must say that Stephanie is the best hair cutter for 4b/4c hair. She specializes in curly hair and has been trained in the DevaCut, Curlisto Cut, and the Ouidad cut. Steph takes the best of all three cuts and then applies it to your hair. First she cuts it wet after it is washed to feel for damage and then she styles it. Styling each individual curl one by one. Then she puts you under the lamp dryer and then she cuts again shaping your hair to frame your face or whatever you desire. I also got my hair straightened by Stephanie, it was flowin and no heat damage! Ugh I seriously love this woman and her love for curly hair. She is amazing!

Reviewed on 03.30.14