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User Reviews

Stylist: Amanda

I can't believe that she's in Townsville! she defiantly knows what she's doing, I got so much useful tips and advise from her and her husband! they are hands down the best curly hairdresser in the whole of Australia!

Reviewed on 09.23.16

Stylist: Amanda

I love Amanda.  My first hair cut with her was amazing. I could not believe she was in Townsville.  I had been crying out for her kind of care since I had found out about the book "Curly Girl" ......which of course I found out by talking with a lady in a hair product we do.....I searched this website but didn't find Amanda back I hope that you find Amanda.  She also travels to Brisbane you know.  Big Mwa to Amanda

Reviewed on 08.12.15

Stylist: Amanda

I wish I had found Amanda years ago. She is a very knowledgable curl expert who taught me how to care and love my curls. Before visiting Amanda my hair was frizzy and dry so I would straighten it as it was easier and more manageable for me as a busy mum. Now I have well hydrated bouncy curls that I love.Thank you Amanda! 

Reviewed on 07.19.15

Stylist: Amanda

Wow!  It was definitely fate to have finally found Amanda in my hometown.  The care and consideration, not to mention the knowledge and expertise, she has in curly hair is like finally finding "nirvana"!  Thanks very much.  So happy to have my "old" hair back. ****

Reviewed on 06.23.15

Stylist: Amanda

I booked an appointment with Amanda on her monthly visit to Brisbane, and received the most patient care and best hair care advise ever. I have always had very frizzy, easily-entangled, coarse hair, but by the time Amanda was done with it it had beautiful curls and ringlets like never before! Not only did my hair look great after my hair session, but I could go away and replicate it myself because of the fantastic hair-lesson Amanda gave me (being able to make my own hair behave is a first for me). I highly recommend Amanda to anyone with troublesome wavy / curly hair for great advice and tips, a patient and dedicated hair styling session and of course wonderful chats :) Thanks Amanda! Will certainly be coming back for more!

Reviewed on 12.10.14

Stylist: Amanda

I first discovered Amanda through the Aussie Curly Girls Facebook page.  Amanda was generously offering to come to Brisbane, about a 11/2 hour flight from her home once a month to offer dry curly cuts, styling and advice to Brisbane curlies.  With a little trepidation I took up the offer and thank goodness I did.  Amanda is such a lovely person, extremely knowledgeable and made me feel at ease immediately.  I've had my hair cut twice now, with my last cut being a major one which I absolutely love!!I would certainly recommend  Amanda to anyone looking for a great stylist.

Reviewed on 11.19.14