Anita Kurl

1661 Washington St.
Boston, MA 02118

User Reviews

Stylist: Diana

I had my first deva cut experience at the end of October this year (2016) and it was a really great experience. I've been natural my entire life but press and straighten my hair often. I am currently trying to transition to build my natural curl pattern. I stumbled across deva cuts which eventually lead to me finding Anita Kurl. One of my good friends inquired as well, I informed her of this salon- she had her deva cut and loved it so I tried it myself.My appointment was with Diana (or Diane- same person forgetting name spelling) and at first it was a bit rocky because she told me that I should have come with my hair down (it was in a high pony) and that she would have to reverse the deva cut process and would not be able to re-trim of needed after setting my hair. At first I was a bit annoyed because the person on the phone did not inform me of coming with my hair down, infact never asked if it was my first deva cut so inform how this appointment should go. So, I took a step back and asked Diana to explain whether or not if I needed to re-book, she explained that it was okay to reverse the process. So we did, she walked me through everything she was doing explained each product she used and when I told her that I was transitioning my hair and the my entire strands are not fully curly she showed me how my hair would look if I cut 1 inch, 2 inches or 3 inches. I ended up going for 2 inches and she made me feel like it was a healthy choice. She also told me how often I should get deva cuts to help with my transition to fully curled strands (every 3 months). I ended the day feeling good and feeling like I could trust Diana because she took her time to explain and talk through everything.I would definitely reccomend her to anyone.Also I believe their address is on Washington St. now in the south end of Boston not on Columbus Ave.

Reviewed on 11.23.16

Stylist: Kandace

I found this salon on this website the same place I found my last. I had an appt with Michelle but was seen by Kandace instead. I went in for a deva trim. She agreed we would just trim it up and shape the back. As she was cutting my hair I asked if she does a lot of deva cuts? She replied with yes but it wasn't the same technique I had before. She cut off what has taken me 8 months to grow. She could not style my have properly. I walked in with ringlets but left looking like a dried up frizz ball. I cried the whole way home. Washed everything out immediately and styled in the usual manner. She assaulted my hair. I now have a short fro with a bang!! I'm devastated!!! Back at square zero with an aweful shape. I would advise anyone looking at going to this salon to find another. I'm call the manager today!

Reviewed on 06.10.13

Stylist: Cory

Cory is fantastic!! My friend, who's probably somewhere between a 3C and 4A, recommended him to me. She's seeing him for close to a decade. I'm a variation of 2C, 3B, and 3C--I have it all. Cory know's how to shape my hair, and give an awesome blow dry. He understands that each person's curl is unique, and needs to be approached differently. He's educated in his craft, and is constantly seeking new and innovative ways to perfect the curl.

Reviewed on 08.08.12

Stylist: Derek

Derek at Anita Kurl is the best when it comes to taming my unruly curly and frizzy hair. He's an expert when it comes to cutting layers and blowdrying my hair straight or in a gentle wave. His prices are reasonble as well - can't recommend him enough!

Reviewed on 08.01.06