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1455 Peel 4th Floor

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Stylist: Gaetan

Absolutely a must do! Gaetan was my stylist and he is Montreal's King of Curls. He's so passionate about hair,especially textured hair. He was an absolute sweetheart, as we will not only style/repair your hair; but he'll also teach you tips and tricks on how to manage it. Super friendly and fun to work with; but still focused and professional. Kinda pricey as he's a master stylist, but hey; if you're paying for years of experience, it's worth every penny.

Reviewed on 06.20.14

Stylist: Anonymous

Absolutely worth every penny! My stylist was Gaetan and he is Montreal's King of Curls! He was so knowledgeable about my specific hair type (predominantly 3A with some 3B) and he was able to pin point trouble spots and fix them. He didn't just cut my hair, but actually taught me how to manage and style it better. And he's a dream to work with,so friendly and fun, but still focused and precise. My hair has never looked this good.Definitely THE place for curly cuts!

Reviewed on 06.19.14

Stylist: Gaetan

After years of hair cut disasters and dissapointments I have finally found the perfect hair stylist for my curly hair. He made my hair so beautiful, voluminous, and my curls have never been so defined and frizz free. Hallelujah! He is super friendly and listens to what you want. He takes the time to show you how to get the same bouncy curls at home. Love him, love him, love him. Never been so happy!

Reviewed on 05.10.12

Stylist: Anonymous

I started going to this salon since summer 2009, and have Marie-Hélène, she is really good. My hair sits into place harmoniously after every time I go cut my hair there, and she gave me good advice as to which products to use and not use. Overall, I'm happy.

Reviewed on 07.09.11

Stylist: gaeten

I was not very impressed. He does not allow client input and just does what he wants. My cut was very "mature", sort of school- marmish. Looked even worse when straight. It was not a nightmare, but I would not go back.

Reviewed on 09.14.10

Stylist: GAETAN

In my opinion this is the place and GAETAN is the person if you have wavy to curly hair. HE IS THE KING OF CURLS. It was worth the money. I am glad I found he. He is a gem!

Reviewed on 01.24.10

Stylist: Gaetan

I had been going to the same hairdresser for 10+ years. The last time I had my hair cut by my previous hairdresser I asked for a change and after giving some suggestions she still cut my hair the same way as always. I have curly hair and was always afraid that someone would not know how to work with it or cut it appropriately, that was until I found Gaetan on naturallycurly.com. I am so happy with how he cut my hair. He took my suggestions and incorporated his own creative flare, all the while explaining to me what he was doing. Gaetan took his time and explained how to manage my hair whether curly or straight and recommended (but did not push) the salon products. I recommend Gaetan to anyone who has curly hair and wants the best cut, he knows hair !!

Reviewed on 01.11.08