Diestsestraat 87
Leuven, 12 3000

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Don't even go here if you have curly hair. It all depends on which hair dresser you get, so if you're out of luck you will leave with a really bad hair cut. When I walked in, they were kind and one lady came up to me and she really friendly. She took my coat, washed my hair and started asking questions about my hair. The first thing I had asked her was if she has any experience with curly hair, she said yes. Yay I thought. Out of the blue this other hair dresser comes up and she starts talking to the women that is washing my hair and I'm like WTF? So there I was, just sitting there while they are talking to each other. Turned out that the lady that was going to cut my hair and was washing my hair had an appointment with someone else, so the girl that interrupted our conversation had to do my hair. She asked my briefly what I wanted, I showed her a picture and that was that. She did ask me if I wanted to drink something though. But she said NOTHING to me. Not even tried to have a conversation with me! She cut my hair using the razor technique, never had it so I thought I'd just let her do her thing. The problem was however that my hair was drying so every time she put her comb through my hair, she would comb the curl out. I ended up with this haircut, that was straight all the way to my chin and curly on the bottom. She put a little bit of mousse into my ends and I just argh... Like why didn't she wet the top part of my hair so that it would curl again? When I washed it the next day I noticed that the back was shorter than the front and it looked nothing like the picture. No layers at all. So please stay away from here seriously. PS: When I told her she could go short, she said "are you sure, it's going to be really thick looking than..." What if I like that look?

Reviewed on 06.01.14