James Joseph Studio

30 Newbury St
Ste 2
Boston, MA 02116

User Reviews

Stylist: Aicha

She is awesome. She gave me the best haircut that I've had in a long time. My hair was all one length and she gave me layers, It feels / looks so healthy and I've received tons of compliments. I also had blond highligs done and they were perfect, doesn't look streaky. On a scale of 1-10 I give Aicha a 10, and will be going back to have my hair done again

Reviewed on 05.13.09

Stylist: Aicha

OH MY GAWD. i have never felt like i was in such expert hands. She absolutely knows her way around curls. She is honest and helpful for recommending curl tips and ideas for styling. I've been to ouidad and others recommended on this site but she IS the best i've had yet.

Reviewed on 03.08.09

Stylist: Kerry

I originally requested Aicha bc of the reviews, but she was going out of town and I was desperate, so the salon asked her who she would recommend - Kerry. She was an assistant at JJ's other salon to a guy who specialised in curls and learned a lot tricks of the trade. She was more than willing to share them and would also explain what she was doing throughout the cut. The best - she's only $40!

Reviewed on 07.15.07

Stylist: Aicha

At the last minute I decided I really need a haircut week and based on the recommendations on this site called James Joseph Studio to set up an appointment with Aicha and she was incredible!! I can't say enough about the cut she gave me. I have fairly tight curls and really thick, shoulder-length-ish hair. As far as length, she didn't take too much off but she gave me fantastic shape and also showed me how to style it. (I hate spending time on my hair in the morning and it literally takes me 5 mins tops to make my hair look good now!) I can't say enough good things about Aicha and would strongly recommend her to anyone with curly hair.

Reviewed on 10.07.06

Stylist: Aicha

What a great find on Newbury St - a $40 haircut and the first cut I have ever had where my actually looks good! I have never had my hair react to a cut like this ever (and I am 45 years old!!). My hair is the curliest it has ever been - and looks great as well. Still getting to a style as I am growing a shorter cut out but I have no doubt Aicha will get me there looking good!!

Reviewed on 03.29.06