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Stylist: Mary Ann

I've been searching for a new stylist ever since my first Deva stylist became a nurse, and I wanted someone who wouldn't charge and arm and a I've had a lot of bad haircuts over the past few years. I went to Mary Ann about 3 weeks ago for the first time, and my cut was amazing! She took a lot of time to teach me things that I'd forgotten or never known. She says her goal is to teach her clients something new each time, and it shows. I have 3B hair, and she asked me lots of questions about how I wear it day-to-day, how often I like to wash/cowash, what I liked and didn't like about my past haircuts and what direction I wanted to go. I felt really comfortable with her--I wasn't worried that she would mess up or would try to tell my that I need to get a cut that I'm not comfortable with, and I'm glad I just trusted her because I love my new cut. Mary Ann told me that there are different levels of Deva training, and while a lot of people are certified they usually only go for a one-day certification. She did the six month course and her love of curly hair really shows. I convinced my mom to go and see Mary Ann when her last haircut didn't go well (she's 3c/4B) and Mary Ann did a great job for her too!

Reviewed on 06.18.14