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User Reviews

Stylist: Wendy Sumbera

I don't even know where to begin. The actual experience is deserving of 1 star only. The fact that even though I'm not satisfied with the cut, I'm not embarrassed to go out in public is the only reason I upgraded it to 2 stars. Wendy called me only 48 minutes before my appointment to cancel it claiming that there was no hot water. She didn't offer any kind of discount and didn't even offer any sort of apologies (I just listened to her voice message again to be sure). I called her back immediately to ask if we could go ahead and do it anyway with cold water because it was a huge inconvenience for me to reschedule. (I had already woken up early so that I could wash my hair before my toddler wakes up; I spent 5 hours struggling with that toddler to try to keep her from touching my hair as it dried; and I had arranged for someone to watch my kid that afternoon.)  Wendy seemed reluctant, but said she guessed she could do it without hot water. When I arrived, she barely looked up at me from whatever she was doing on her phone and gave me the most un-welcoming greeting I've ever had. She acted like I was inconveniencing her the entire time I was there. Wendy charges $105 for a 90 minute appointment (below shoulder length hair) for new clients and $95 for a 75 minute appointment for returning clients. Presumably the extra 15 minutes is for the consultation where she gets to know you a bit and figure out what you need/like. The "consultation" lasted less than 5 minutes and consisted of me trying to think of what she might like to know about me and my hair that would help her figure out how to cut it because she was barely speaking to me. I pointed out to her that the fine hairs at the nape of my neck didn't curl much at all, so they needed to be cut shorter. She then looked there and seemed surprised that I was right. I told her that I had a toddler at home and absolutely needed to be able to pull my hair back.Wendy proceeded to cut my hair. She barely spoke to me and the couple of attempts she made were awkward and forced. I've never felt so uncomfortable getting a haircut. She also was very rough on my hair/scalp. She yanked each section that she was about to cut away from the rest of my hair. I could hear the ends snapping (no biggie since those were getting cut off anyway), but that means that the entire hair shaft was getting stretched, too. However, this was not at all comfortable for my scalp. When she washed my hair there was hot water and she wondered aloud at how that might be. From the time I walked in the door to the time I walked out, it was 70 minutes (I know this from checking times of texts I sent) which is less than the 75 minute appointment time she schedules for her returning clients. Yet she charged me $105 even though she spent less time on me than what she charges $95 for.After being styled and dried under a hood dryer my hair looked and felt pretty good. Of course, most people don't have a hood dryer at home, so the style will never look quite that same way again. Now that I've lived with the haircut I'm much less happy than when I walked out of the salon. She didn't cut the hairs at the nape of my neck any shorter like I told her to. They of course ended up not holding their curl (like I told her and she observed) and were hanging below the rest of my hair. I had to trim them shorter myself which means that now I can't pull all of my hair back without either those hairs escaping (with a high ponytail) or the hair at the crown of my head escaping (low ponytail). She cut the hair at the upper crown too short and it sticks out a little awkwardly no matter what methods I use to style my hair. I've been wearing my hair curly for nearly 30 years now and am very familiar with styling methods, including the way she explained I should do it, so that isn't the problem.Honestly I'm completely baffled at the positive reviews here for Wendy. The only thing I can think to explain the difference in my experience and most of the others' is that perhaps she was trying to get out of cutting my hair that day because she had something else she either needed or wanted to do. IF that is the case then instead of making up a story about hot water she could have called and nicely offered a discount or at least apologies along with a better excuse (or honesty). I still would have been terribly inconvenienced, but at least we might have had a better experience upon rescheduling. I will never go back to her, nor can I recommend her to anyone regardless of whether she was being honest with me or not. 

Reviewed on 07.25.16

Stylist: Wendy Sumbera

Wendy gave me the best haircut of my life, no joke! She was incredibly knowledgeable about the Curly Girl method, non-judgemental about my cheapo conditioner, and gave me all sorts of great tips! I have gone and reviewed her everywhere I can because I loved the cut, and her, that much. I wouldn't go anywhere else now.

Reviewed on 04.16.14

Stylist: Wendy Sumbera

If you want a stylist who understands curly hair and how to cut and style it Wendy is the person for you. I'm almost 56 and Wendy has given me the best curly hair cut EVER! I absolutely adore this new style and love my hair for the first time thanks to Wendy!!! This is one HAPPY CURLY GIRL!!!

Reviewed on 02.25.14

Stylist: Wendy Sumbera

Wendy has given me the greatest cuts I have ever had!! I started with Wendy by accident when my stylist at another salon was out - wow, I never have luck like this!! After Wendy doing my hair, I will NEVER go to another stylist!! I have been to her several times now & have never had a bad cut. She explains everything so well & is always going to classes. learning the newest techniques for curly hair. She is a treasure!

Reviewed on 02.10.14

Stylist: Wendy Sumbera

I took my teenage daughter to Wendy and was very, very pleased! My daughter has always struggled with wavy/curly hair that never looked well kept. She could straighten it but that was causing a lot of damage to her hair. We were really frustrated and didn't know what to do. We went in for an appointment with Wendy and she was wonderful!! She took her time and listened to our concerns and to what my daughter was wanting. She told us about the DevaCurl products and demonstrated to my daughter how to use them. We were amazed at how easy it was and how good it made her hair look!! This was a couple of months ago and we are still amazed daily at what an improvement it has made in my daughter's hair. It emphasizes the curls and keeps her hair from being frizzy and fly away. I would recommend Wendy to everyone. She really knows how to work with curly hair.

Reviewed on 04.22.13

Stylist: Wendy Sumbera

I came in with some pretty bad locks, a mix of curls and damaged hair from over straightening. While she did clean up some of the rats nest, I feel like she didn't listen to me at all. I specifically asked for layers and to thin out my hair especially focusing on some pretty heavy problem areas in my hair and I asked her to frame my face. My hair was fairly short as is, I admitted to her that she didn't have much length to work with, but that I wasn't willing to go too much shorter, especially in the back, and that I mainly wanted her to focus on thinning it out and re-shaping to my face.now I look like I have a brown dandilion puffball on my head. When she asked me how it looked, after the dry cut and before the wash, I told her it still felt heavy, and looked like it needed to be thinned; she responded by saying it would calm down after it was wet, and did not even attempt to thin any part of my hair, let alone the problem areas that I spoke with her at least twice about. All I felt that she did was cut off the ends all around my hair, she spent no time sculpying/cutting my hair to match my face. After I let the hair sit a while and go through another wash and dry, I found my hair to be boxy and un-even, one side being noticably short than the other. She did go over some styling tips but overall I felt like I was an inconvenence to her and felt rushed through the cut. Totally not worth the 55 dollars, now I wish I had not given her a 10 dollar tip. My last stylist ,before she moved ;(, took the time to make sure I was getting what I paid for. I like hair dressers who explain what they are doing and let me see what they are doing in the mirror during most of the cut. She didn't even offer a mirror to check the back when she was done.This is one very unhappy curly lady, just another bad cut to add to the long list....back to the straightener I go until the hair grows out. Bummer :(

Reviewed on 03.23.13

Stylist: Wendy Sumbera

I received a call for an interview and decided to I wanted to get my Devacut to look my best for it. I had sent Wendy a text a few weeks prior and decided to send her another in hopes that I could get a last minute appointment on a Friday(I sent the text at 8am in the morning, telling her that I had work at 3pm and if there was an appointment in between that time that I could snag, haha >.<). She sent me a text about 20 minutes later saying that she had a 12:30 appointment available which I was stoked about! Being someone who hates talking on the phone, Texting was so much more relaxing and convenient for me. Anywho, Her salon is located in an outdoor shopping mall across the street from Half Priced Books. Wendy was super nice and very knowledgeable! She uses Divacurl products(which I had never used before but was highly impressed by the results). Her cut thickened my curls, and gave me more volume :D! I am very happy with my Devacut, not to mention she gave me discount(I have fine hair so it doesn't take too long to cut/style) and you she also offers more discounts on her Facebook page! Wendy's prices were 50% cheaper than the other salons I looked at in the area, so more discounts made me feel even more happier with my cut! So I gave her a 30% tip seeing as that was how much I was expecting to pay anyway. She never tried to sell a product to me. She explained exactly what she was putting in my hair and why. She gave tons of discounts and gave me extra cards for discounts on my next haircut and referral discount cards I could pass along to my friends! Overall, very pleased and I will return to Wendy Sumbera again in the future. :) Thank you, Wendy!

Reviewed on 03.11.13

Stylist: Wendy Sumbera

I found Wendy through reviews on this site. All I can say is WOW. She is amazing, informative and doesn't hit you with a sales pitch on products at the end of your visit. She talkes you through the styling so you can do it yourself. I am in love with my new cut. Would recommend her to ANY curly girl. THANK YOU WENDY!!!!

Reviewed on 01.18.13

Stylist: Wendy Sumbera

Wendy is the best hair stylist I've ever been to, hands down. She does a fantastic job cutting my naturally curly hair and really listens to what I ask. She is a master with color and has always come through with great results. She is also one of the kindest, most down-to-earth people you could meet. She takes GREAT care of her clients and goes out of her way to make the experience special. If you haven't already, RUN don't walk to Windy, and you'll be so glad you did! :)

Reviewed on 12.18.12

Stylist: Wendy Sumbera

I just got the BEST haircut of my life here! I have fine, blonde, very curly hair and typically have very poor hair cutting experiences because stylists just don't "get" my hair. Wendy did a dry cut on my hair which gave her the ability to pay attention to all the variations in my hair's curliness. She gave me layers that helped put volume in the right places and NOT in the wrong ones. She gave me lots of tips about caring for and styling my hair. When I walked out of the salon, my hair looked amazing and I was fully prepared to style it myself. Even though she is out in Cedar Park, she is definitely worth the drive from Austin. If you're curly, GO SEE HER!

Reviewed on 11.21.12