Salon Bellissimo

4730 Table Mesa Dr. Ste D-100
Boulder, CO 80305
303 442-7107

User Reviews

Stylist: Tonya Auville

I learned about Tonya through this website and decided to check out this 'curl whisperer'. From the moment I arrived and started speaking with Tonya, I could tell she knew her stuff. She sat down with me and let me explain what my hair usually did, and what I wanted it to do. She took this information and explained, in detail, what she could do to get the desired look. Throughout the entire cut, she would explain to me why she was doing this or that, and it made me very comfortable with her because I could tell she really knew what she was doing. She was even extra careful with my bangs, because I had told her they were the 'make it or break it' point of any haircut for me. The results were fabulous. I definitely intend to keep getting my hair cut by Tonya. (Plus, the head massage didn't hurt. :P )

Reviewed on 04.21.10

Stylist: Tonya Auville

I started going to Tonya back in 2002, after reading a review on this website. I've been seeing her, every 2 months, ever since! I have never found someone who better understands my curly hair, and someone who is so willing to figure out exactly what I am envisioning for my cut. I will be moving to Oregon in a couple months and am SO sad that I am going to have to start over with a stylist. She has become a good friend in the 7 years she's been cutting my hair and I recommend her services to any curly-haired person that is in need of a fabulous and understanding stylist.

Reviewed on 02.23.09

Stylist: Tanya

After reading comments from this website, I decided to try Tanya (the "curl whisperer") out. I was not impressed - I went twice just to ensure I did not catch her on an "off" day, and neither time did she do a great job. The cut was just OK, and nothing special, and I was really unimpressed with the job she did on the color as well. Honestly, I have had better cuts more suited to my hair at Great Clips. I have since changed to a different salon, and while others may have had a great experience, I was less than impressed with her, especially at the prices she charges. Also, getting an appt. is next to impossible.

Reviewed on 06.27.08

Stylist: Tonya

I was deeply unhappy with my cut from Tonya. It's clear from this website (and from life, I suppose) that people can have very different experiences. My suggestion to anyone looking for a stylist (which I wish I had followed myself) is that you visit the salon before making an appointment and receive a consultation. Notice the haircut of the person cutting your hair. Notice the atmosphere of the salon. Notice the people getting their hair cut, and the cuts and styles they are leaving with. If you feel at home, if you like the cuts and styles of the sylists and clients, it may be a good match for you. If not, keep looking....

Reviewed on 04.23.08

Stylist: Tonya

I tried Tonya at Salon Bellissimo and left extremely happy! She fixed my terrible haircut and did exactly what should have been done in the first place. Although I'm still waiting for my hair to grow out before my wedding in June, I'm at least happier than I was before I visited Tonya. My hair feels softer, lighter, and it is easier to manage. I will definitely be going back!

Reviewed on 12.08.07

Stylist: Tonya

I went to see Tonya for a haircut since she came so highly recommended on this site. Unfortunately she did not live up to the hype and she butchered my hair so short that it's only about an inch long in places. I now look like a butch-dyke, and I'm just praying to god it grows out enough so that I look like a girl by the time of my wedding which is in 3 months. I will never get my hair cut by Tonya again. My only hope is that this review of Tonya's skills will save some other poor girl's hair from being butchered. My only option now is to invest in some hats and head scarves until my hair grows out.

Reviewed on 07.26.07

Stylist: Tonya

Wow! After years of mediocre haircuts (at best), I finally found someone who really understands curly hair (thanks to this website!). If you are tired of stylists treating your hair as though it were straight, go to Tonya. She understands how to cut, treat, and style curly hair. She gave me my best haircut EVER - my curls have better shape, more bounce, more style. She really is the Curl Whisperer.

Reviewed on 07.10.07

Stylist: Tonya

Tonya is the BEST when it comes to naturally curly hair. I had an frizzy afro poof about five years ago and luckily, I found this site. She was recommended on here and I desperately needed a haircut, so I gave it a go. The first couple cuts we did wet and it came out great. However, about a year later I asked her about trying to cut my hair dry, that way so much of the length wouldn't get lost. We experimented with this and oh my gosh! My hair looks even better than before. I get tons of compliments thanks to her work. Tonya is a godsend and I will follow her anywhere, I came back from Texas just to get a cut from her. Tell her Emily recommended you. ;) Best decision in your life all you Colorado curlies go to her.

Reviewed on 05.22.07

Stylist: Tonya Auville

Tonya is my girl! I, too, visited Tonya after seeing the reviews here! She is awesome! As another posted here, she really listens. My problem has been finding someone who did not over 'do' my hair with product. Adding heat to my hair makes it go limp and fly away. Tony understands this kind of hair. She not only gives a great cut, she is never in a hurry. I highly recommend her. 303-442-7107 Tonya Auville (pronouced awh-veel)

Reviewed on 02.04.07

Stylist: Tonya

I just had my first appointment with Tonya based on the glowing reviews on this website and I was not disappointed! Tonya is wonderful. The first thing she did was have me tell her about my hair and then she checked it herself for curl pattern, elasticity, the whole nine yards. She definitely knows her way around curly hair and I for one am now a permanent client!

Reviewed on 12.06.06

Stylist: Tonya Auville

As far as I'm concerned, Tonya is the Curl Whisperer! (All you Tonya fans understand why!) Getting my curly hair cut was never a happy experience--until now. She is moving locations beginning October 3, 2006. Still Salon Bellissimo, and still (303) 442-7107, but now in South Boulder at 4730 Table Mesa Dr., #D-101.

Reviewed on 09.26.06

Stylist: Tonya

I recently had my first appointment with Tonya at Salon Bellisimo and she is a treasure. We sat face to face for the first half hour and she listened patiently as I recounted my experiences, past and present, with my hair. Only after all my questions about style, process, product, and various chapters in the Curly Girl book were answered, did we cut. She measured the spring, counted the curves in each wave, and did it all with knowledge and a smile. Tony is a treasure! The salon is moving October 2006, but the phone number will remain the same.

Reviewed on 08.30.06

Stylist: Tonya

Based on the recommendations on this site, I scheduled an appointment with Tonya. I got the best haircut of my life, and for a reasonable price. This gal KNOWS how to work with curly hair - she understood what the primary "issues" were with my 3a hair and how to address them, including how to cut my hair so that the straighter parts blended in well with the curlier parts.

Reviewed on 06.15.06

Stylist: Tonya

I went to Tonya per this site. She really sits and listens to you! I could even describe how I felt about different sections of hair and she would cut them to diminish or emphasize. I have wavy/curly hair, so she did not cut it dry, but it turned out really well. I know that for people with curlier hair, she does regularly cut their hair dry. My only constructive criticism is that I don't really care for the way she styles my hair after the cut. But once I go home and style it my way, the cut really shines.

Reviewed on 06.09.06

Stylist: Tonya

I am a middle-aged woman who had not had her hair cut for years because no one in Colorado knew how to cut my naturally curly hair. I went to Tonya and I cannot say enough good things about her. She is very very educated on how to cut curly hair. She is MARVELOUS and her prices are reasonable.

Reviewed on 05.03.06