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  • 801 N Orange Ave #102b
    Orlando, FL 32801
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    (407) 394-7449
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User Reviews (1)

Stylist: Crystal

Rating: Salon Rating: 3 Scissors

I am new to Orlando and found this salon/stylist by reading reviews on yelp and researching their website. I have type 3b curly hair and work hard to maintain them healthily. I decided to go to Dolce Vita because Crystal had some good reviews and was certified in the DevaCurl cut. I have been working to grow out my hair for a year but my layers were beginning to get uneven so I wanted a trim. I am very skeptical when it comes to getting even a trim because hair artists always cut too much off. I met Crystal and she was a sweetheart. Seriously, in terms of customer service I give her an A+. She was great and I felt I could trust her with my hair. I was very specific and asked for only a trim. 

We decided on half an inch to take off. Unfortunately, within less that 15 minutes more than 2 inches, in fact closer to 3, was taken off my hair. While cutting my hair she combed through it with her fingers, then cut it. Which completely defeats the purpose of the DevaCurl cut. If you know about this type of hair cut, you know that each curl is supposed to be cut individually, to promote healthy curlys. The cut she gave me wasn't necessarily bad but it was very different than what we decided.

I am not writing this review to say that this artist is bad at what she does, because I don't believe that. In fact, she taught me a lot of things I didn't know about curly hair in terms of maintenance, but the fact of the matter is, when it comes to the actual cut, curly hair is not easy to do correctly and I received what I specially asked NOT to have..and then had to pay $80.00 for it. I want to reiterate that I don't feel she is a bad artist. I would put money down and say that she rocks other types of hair cuts, but this was not the DevaCurl cut I expected.