3rd Avenue Studio

5575 E. 3rd Ave. #D
Denver, CO 80220
303 355 8480

User Reviews

Stylist: Eric Hill

Eric Hill was my stylist in Naples FL for quite some time. Not only does he make the experience and enjoyable, comfortable, and personable one, his talent for styling really allows you to relax and know you will leave happy. My hair is very curly and I have always been afraid to go short. In the past, I have had my share of hideous curly hairy cuts. Eric changed all that for me. I am such a big fan of short edgy hair, and now I know the two are possible!!! What Eric does is he would cut my hair dry first allowing the curl to already be in place when he cuts it so there are no surprises when it dries! Eric is an artist and really has a way of cutting all types of hair! Love him!

Reviewed on 07.14.14