Tonic Hair & Skin Bar

707 W Bannock
Boise , ID 83702

User Reviews

Stylist: Jenifer Canning

jen is the only person who will ever cut my hair. hands down. besides being incredibly personable and a wonderful listener, she really knows how to cut, style, and manage curly hair. i never feel more beautiful and happy than when i get out of her chair. :)

Reviewed on 09.15.14

Stylist: Jenifer Canning

Jen is AMAZING! She really listens to her clients, understands curly hair, and cuts it with the client's curl pattern in mind. She just did a Deva cut on me for the first time and my curls look better than they ever have. 

Reviewed on 08.15.14

Stylist: Jenifer Canning

Hello Curly Girls!  This is Jenifer Canning.  :)  I just wanted everyone to know that as of May 1st, Tanzanite Salon changed it's name to Tonic Hair & Skin Bar.  We have also moved locations to a brand new updated salon!  It's only 1 block down the street from our old salon and well worth the walk.  LOL  Check out our new website for more information: or follow my Facebook page:  Calling All Curls Idaho.  You can also call me directly:  208.412.1210.I have just returned from Los Angeles and am proud to say that I am now a certified DevaCurl Advanced Stylist!  :)PS  It made me give myself a rating, otherwise I would've left it blank.

Reviewed on 08.09.14